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Ovulation pain - what is "normal"?

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Workingmama1 Mon 20-Jul-20 07:39:58

So my last few cycles I've noticed I get quite severe what I think is ovulation pain. It's lasting 2-3 days and varies from a mild ache to sharp pains, bad enoigh for me to use a hot water bottle or take a paracetamol. It's also making sex painful. I tried tracking with OPKs this cycle and got highs but not actual peak at the time of the pain (although I suspect I just missed it).

My periods only returned at the start of the year (none since Feb 2018 as I breastfed my daughter) and I also had a MMC in April so I feel out of sync with my body but don't remember having anything like this before.

I'm trying to work out what is normal and if I should be concerned, so wondering what others experiences were like.

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lukasiak Mon 20-Jul-20 07:50:04

I have always gotten severe ovulation pain, much worse than any period pain. After investigation it was determined that I likely suffer from regular hyperovulation, so releasing more than one egg at a time, with the left ovary in particular often releasing more than two eggs in a cycle. However, there is so many reasons why ovulation can be painful, and the fact that for you it is a secondary symptom and not something you've always experienced would have me worried.

Mrschips07 Mon 20-Jul-20 08:08:33

I only started getting ovulation pain after I had my son (almost 3y ago) I never experienced it before. So not sure if something changes in there that affected it.

It's like a dull ache on one side (I can tell which side I'm ovulating) it's usually sore for about 8 hours, it also always makes me poop (!tmi!) For some reason and after I've been the pain lessens.

The fact that yours hurts during sex sends alarm bells ringing a little, as that is a symptom of endometriosis. It can't hurt to see your GP about it - I did and she was very reassuring.

Hellbentwellwent Mon 20-Jul-20 08:14:03

I would definitely be asking for investigations, specially for endometriosis. Don’t be fobbed off, of any gp tells you period related pain is normal ask to see another gp. Also the only way to be diagnosed is via a laparoscopy with a specialist, an ultrasound is not sufficient to diagnose endometriosis.

Workingmama1 Tue 21-Jul-20 12:56:14

Thank you all for your replies! I managed to speak to a Dr through work who said that given what my body haa gone through in the last few months (periods returning after my daughter, still breastfeeding, early pregnancy and the miscarriage) my hormones are going to be all over the place so at this point it's not concerning. But to give it six months post miscarriage to settle down and if its still bad to seek help again. Fingers crossed it goes away!

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