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Late AF and negative test?

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ShellMc2237 Mon 13-Jul-20 07:49:27

Hi everyone,

Couldn't find the other thread to jump on so thought I would post this.

AF for me has always been regular around 29 days, and last week I had cramps on mon/tues and AF was due Thursday. I had sore boobs all week up until Friday and then now nothing. Did a test Saturday afternoon and it was negative, but now I'm on cd34 and did one first thing on a frer this morning and it was veeeeeeeeeerry faint so not sure if it's an evap line or a positive. Has anyone else had this? Would have thought a frer would show up more confused

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ShellMc2237 Mon 13-Jul-20 07:51:04

Sorry forgot to add, any help on this would be great. I'm worried because I have quite a hazardous job and would need to tell work asap if I was so I could be removed from the area I work in. I don't know weather to contact the doctors or not either 😫

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zippityzip Mon 13-Jul-20 07:52:00

Looking at that I would guess it's positive.

BPT2019 Mon 13-Jul-20 08:02:55

Hello, I've had evaps on FRERs but I can see something on yours so I would say retest in a couple of days with fmu and see what it shows then. X

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