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In limbo about fertility

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xoxochellexoxo Thu 09-Jul-20 22:39:00

Hi ladies so iv hit my 12th month TTC #1 and have been told by the dr that i wont be referred for any treatment till 18months trying, but in the next 6 months they will do various different tests on myself and DP. So i have to go for bloods within the first 5 days of my period which has yet to show face i havent had one since the last weekend in may, i do have irregular cycles but have never missed a period so this is unusual for me, im not tracking ovulation at all but have no symptoms whatsoever either, i had a few niggly twinges last weekend but nothing since and dont feel like AF is showing her face anytime soon. Would i be silly to not test? Even with no symptoms?

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RMarieClaire Thu 09-Jul-20 22:42:19

Definitely test. Some women don't get symptoms until they're a couple of months pregnant. Some women don't realise they're pregnant until they're basically full term!

Everything crossed for you.

xoxochellexoxo Thu 09-Jul-20 22:47:22

@RMarieClaire I may test over the weekend if it doesnt show, you hear all the time of people having symptoms and i just find it strange that surely if i was my body would be making it obvious but like you say some woman dont

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