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Help Interpreting Pregnancy Test Results

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firsttime200 Sun 05-Jul-20 15:18:30

Looking for some help please!

First time trying to conceive.

I've taken a bunch of tests and they have all been positive (albeit with faint lines, from 12DPO - 14DPO, and one negative from First Response which was probably too early to test) and then this morning I got a "not pregnant" on a Clear Blue Digital at 14 DPO, another faint line on a strip test, and a faint line on an OPK test.

Photos of tests here:

I believe I ovulated quite late in my cycle, around day 23. At 11DPO I had spotting for a few hours which is very unusual for me, and I think this was implantation bleeding.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?

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OnceBitten25 Sun 05-Jul-20 15:50:52

The clearblues all definitely have faint lines - the digitals are less sensitive I believe. Maybe try a FRER, they tend to be the most accurate. Good luck 😉

HansBanans Sun 05-Jul-20 16:24:07

The clear blue tests are positive. As PP had said the digis aren't as sensitive. Congrats!

OnceBitten25 Thu 09-Jul-20 19:40:23

@firsttime200 any update?

Teakind Thu 09-Jul-20 19:47:36

HCG levels double every 24-48 hours. A FRER can pick up a level as low as 10. A digital test needs a level of at least 50 so could show a positive a few days after an FRER.

Good luck!

ivfdreaming Thu 09-Jul-20 21:09:04

So you haven't taken a first response test since 10DPO? I'd retest with one of those first

Like others have said clearblue digital have a higher hcg threshold EXCEPT the one with the weeks indicator - that actually has a threshold of 10 which is only a little bit higher than a first response

ty1996 Fri 10-Jul-20 07:57:09

I had all positives and my digital came back negative twice! Finally got my positive digital 14dpo, but with first morning urine!

Definitely positive lines x

firsttime200 Mon 13-Jul-20 12:13:09

Hi Ladies,

I went to the doctor last week and had two negative tests from the same sample, but I took a FRER later that day and had a very faint line.

Later that night I had spotting and by the next morning, I had heavy bleeding and severe cramping so I believe this was a chemical pregnancy. I bled heavily for two days and had light bleeding and spotting for another 3/4 days.

Thanks for checking up on me!

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firsttime200 Mon 13-Jul-20 12:13:50

@OnceBitten25 FYI

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