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Is it a line, faulty test or evaporation line

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Testtube78 Sun 28-Jun-20 08:50:59

Hi ladies
I need advice in reading this test. It came up within 3 minutes but could it be evaporation line as it’s quite faint.

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Gunpowder Sun 28-Jun-20 08:52:54

Definite line. Hope that’s the answer you wanted!

SqidgeBum Sun 28-Jun-20 08:58:08

It's a clearer line than my positive was. I would get another test to be sure, but I think that's positive! I hope that's what you want.

Testtube78 Sun 28-Jun-20 09:00:23

@gunpowder could the test just be faulty and have a pink line?

I’ve been sterilised for 12.5 years now. I have been having ‘AF’ though it’s lasted only a a day at the most the last couple of months.

I did it to so I could go to the gp and ask for blood tests as I assumed I was starting to hit menopause as I’m 41. Thought if I did it then it would be something they wouldn’t have to rule out before testing me.

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Tartan333 Sun 28-Jun-20 09:05:10

Definitely a line!

Lillygolightly Sun 28-Jun-20 09:09:00

Do you have any pregnancy symptoms?

I think it is possible to become pregnant following sterilisation, though it is rare.

I would book an appointment with your GP.

Gunpowder Sun 28-Jun-20 09:19:05

I think false positives are rare, especially with pink dye tests as evaps can look blue grey but never pink!

Gosh that’s a shock if you are sterilised. I’d see the GP tomorrow if you can. brew

zippityzip Sun 28-Jun-20 09:29:33

If I took that test I would assume I was pregnant. That's too dark to be an evap. I hope your doctor can help, whatever you decide to do! Good luck.

Biscuitmonster2318 Sun 28-Jun-20 09:31:24

I had meant to nc at the start of the post but clearly went wrong!

In March I had felt crap and needed to go to the bathroom constantly, tired, emotions all over the place.
I remember thinking if I hadn’t been sterilised I would think I was pregnant. I did a clearblue. I thought my immunosuppressants had made caused a really bad water infection. It came up faint but then 3 days later I had really bad cramp and bleeding. So just assumed it was a faulty test or weird reaction to my meds. But within 4-5 hours AF was finished.
May it was very dark brown and only really happened when I went to the bathroom, June’s I could have not bothered using anything it was that light and lasted a day.
I feel crap and put on a bit of weight etc, and just above my c-section scars it’s become quite hard, in just a small area and you can feel the shape.
But I have put feel drained, tired, sick and not able to eat properly down to the fact emotionally it’s been a difficult couple of years.
Aug 2018 my 12 year old daughter passed away suddenly due to a complication of health issues, then 6/1/20 my son rang whilst on my way to work to say my 10 month old grandson wasn’t breathing and was on the way to hospital. He never regained conciousness and his body gave up 5 days later.

So I have put down everything down to the crap few months

Sorry for long post and details

I’m just all over the place at the moment and the idea of being pregnant hasn’t really been in my head Cos I’m sterilised. But I also couldn’t possibly, even think about how my daughter in law would deal with this news. She is 19 and desperately trying to get pregnant.

So I’m hoping it’s a fault test

Samantha008 Sun 28-Jun-20 09:34:01

Hi guys i need some help I've done 4 test 3 are positive and one negative the newest being negative I have symptoms but not sure as the lines are getting lighter not darker

Samantha008 Sun 28-Jun-20 09:42:55

This will sound easyer than it for daughter in law but she needs to stop and it will happen for her so sorry for your losses it dose sound like you are i had friend that got sterilized depending on what you had done it can move which will allow you to ovulate

Biscuitmonster2318 Sun 28-Jun-20 09:57:38

My daughter in law is still in grieving process. She is like a little lost soul. It breaks my heart to see her as she is so young to have had him on her bed waiting for him to wake up to feed and getting distressed Cos he wasn’t waking up. My son and her gave him cpr.
She is doing so well and I absolutely can’t imagine how I could even tell her.
So to say she needs to stop trying isn’t upto me, but what she needs to do to heal.

I will be going to get another couple of tests to check it wasn’t a faulty one!
It would be a miracle and very much wanted and loved.
It’s just the situation...

So for now I will have another cuppa tea and prepare for lessons I’m teaching next week

Gunpowder Sun 28-Jun-20 10:03:12

Biscuitmonster I’m so very sorry to hear about your daughter and your grandson. flowers That does sound like a very tricky situation. I hope your daughter in law gets pregnant soon. I hope you are alright and not in too much shock.

MummyFD Sun 28-Jun-20 10:03:47

I know it is hard but you mustn't feel guilty. Your daughter in law will struggle and you'll need to be sensitive but everything will be okay I promise ❤️ wishing you love and strength ❤️

zippityzip Sun 28-Jun-20 10:13:17

@Biscuitmonster2318 Get a few more tests before torturing yourself. You've all had an awful time. If you are pregnant you're sensible and sensitive enough to deal with it properly.
I'm sending you huge hugs and best wishes. It'll all be ok xx

Biscuitmonster2318 Sun 28-Jun-20 10:37:27

Thank you all for the lovely kind messages. I was worried that people would think I was being dramatic and poas again etc.

That what has happened in the past is of no relevance and I’m over thinking everything etc.

When I saw a positive one in March I had made a doctors appt but then started bleeding, so breathed a sigh of relief and just put it down to stress as it had only been a couple of weeks after the funeral.

But I was still very much numb from everything. My grandson passing brought a lot of things I hadnt wanted to remember from my daughter. It was same hospital, same icu ward, same consultants on the ward, brain damage that ultimately caused the passing of them both. So I was very like numb and trying to look after my family as I had been there and just didn’t want my experience to detract from them two getting what they needed in those first few days weeks and months.
So when I got my AF I was relieved as all I could think of was how do I tell her. I’m sterilised, it’s a blooming miracle it’s even happened and at any other time I would have been excited and everything else. Her and my oldest daughter are the second lot of people I would have told.

But I’m sat here with two more pink positive sticks. Tears streaming down my face, as it actually gives me pain at the thought of her little face at having to tell her. Knowing she will try to be happy and smile but seeing the hurt in her eyes. I was the one who for the first couple of months would go in the middle of the night having to cuddle and rock her to sleep whilst she screamed and cried for her baby.
How she wouldn’t come out her front door for six weeks a few weeks ago because her neighbour had given birth. Listening to her cry to me down the phone that it wasn’t fair that others had children and hers was gone.
I think prob it’s another reason I kinda buried my head in the sand. I really do feel like put these tests in the bin and just ignoring it for a few more months. I worry she will stop coming to me when she is struggling. I’m sorry that everything has just come out to strangers like a bad case of verbal diarrhoea.
sorry if my posts is very long and over the top, but I really cannot say anything of these things to my family.
As I desperately don’t want them hurting anymore then they already are.

Gunpowder Sun 28-Jun-20 10:56:28

You sound like an incredible and compassionate mother in law and friend and your DIL is lucky to have you in her life. Of course this will be painful and difficult for both of you, but if you think this baby is meant to be and that it is a miracle then it is. Maybe the ‘heavens’ (I’m not religious) think it’s time you had some joy in your life. Of course nothing can ever take away from your losses and pain - but it certainly sounds like you deserve some happiness. X

zippityzip Sun 28-Jun-20 11:06:13

You are 100% not over the top. It's an incredibly difficult and emotional time. If you want to continue the pregnancy it'll be good to find out how far along you are, as that AF may not have been an AF.
Your DIL will love you regardless, she may struggle but this is no ones fault and she can understand that. The compassion you've shown her will shine through, you've both lost too much.

stophuggingme Sun 28-Jun-20 11:10:24

Sending you love.
You have all been through so much.


Biscuitmonster2318 Sun 28-Jun-20 11:19:15

@Gunpowder that’s was such a kind, heartwarming message from one stranger to another that it’s actually made me lose all composure and cry again.

I can’t even begin to think fully about this gnawing guilt I have that it might be seen as replacing my child. She was born with many health problems and was diagnosed at 10 weeks of age. I have always felt very blessed to have been given her. Even though there were many dark days at the start and feelings of failure at my role as a mother and questioning every step of my pregnancy in case I had caused it.
But she taught me so much, she made me a better person, a better mother, friend and ultimately a teacher. Not everyone has the same start and watching her, teaching her and knowing the hurdles and struggles she overcame and faced with a smile on her face and kindness in heart for everything and everyone blew me away.
It in turn made me realise that the path to my classroom was as simple and straightforward for everyone and also family’s needed kindness, empathy and non judgemental support. As having a child with medical needs impacts on the whole family. She made me the person I am today and I feel blessed and grateful she was given to me.

So getting pregnant is a miracle due to being sterilised. But it would be like I’m replacing her and the reason I had it done in the first place after my last child. As it took a couple of years for us to find out just have challenging her life would be.

I keep thinking of the saying they kindness of strangers’ today I really appreciate it and I am sorry for the emotional blurb I’m writing.
I am very much more reserved and in control of my thoughts and feelings. I just cannot say anything to my family.

I need to process it. My husband can be a blundering fool and have foot in mouth disease. He would be over the moon and would let it out in a way it could hurt others. My daughter and sons will be happy as they are missing there sister.

I just cannot hurt my daughter in law. I know that empty feeling inside that hurts so much you want to scream and shout at the world. The unfairness of losing a part of you. Yet seeing the world around you carry on.

Once again, thank you and I will get another cuppa and get myself pulled together. So I can stop bothering people with my stupid thoughts

Biscuitmonster2318 Sun 28-Jun-20 11:30:39

It would have been impossible for me to have got pregnant any other time after lockdown. So the test I did then must have been right and my 4-5 AF must not have been a real one. Or as I put it down to maybe menopause and stress and my immunosuppressants.

My husband and stepson moved into another house we have as they are key workers. One in NHS and one in a supermarket.
I was in the shielding group so it was unsafe for them to work and come home.

So I stayed in the family home with my children alone, which also meant I was across the road if my DIL needed me. As my son did find it very difficult to accept her behaviour was perfectly ok.

I would get calls at 2-3am from neighbours saying she was Screaming in the streets or hurting herself. He couldn’t understand why she was.
So it seemed better if I stayed with all the kids and he moved away.
So I haven’t since him since the vulnerable had to shield.
I saw him last week but he wouldn’t come close just in case. Our local hospital had had a huge number if cases of C-19.

Sorry for the rambling post again. But a long winded way of saying I would be the V*** Mary if it was after March grin

DontBiteTheBoobThatFeedsYou Sun 28-Jun-20 12:34:09

I would try a different test. I've used ones before that have come up with faint lines and I haven't been pregnant.

Since you're sterilised I would get a digital test, to make sure.

zippityzip Tue 30-Jun-20 17:02:22

How are you doing @Biscuitmonster2318

Biscuitmonster2318 Tue 30-Jun-20 17:44:55

Pregnant Just had confirmation from the doctors and now waiting for an appointment to come through from the Hospital.

Just sat in shock and disbelief at it all.

I just don’t know what I feel or think at the moment. I just have the image of my DIL’s face when I have to tell her.

It sounds silly but I just hope she gets pregnant very soon so I can hold of telling her a bit longer.
She is doing so well in herself at the moment.

So the only person I have told in real life is my doctor.

The kindness of people on here though has been very touching as I was struggling the other day.

zippityzip Tue 30-Jun-20 17:50:05

I hope the conversation goes well with DH, remember he's there to support you too.
What a shock. Just remember that your DIL will also have her own chances of happiness again and this pregnancy can't change that.

How are you feeling about the pregnancy? Do you have any idea of how far along you are?

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