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3 day bleed 3 days before AF due?!

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Cruzxo Tue 16-Jun-20 08:50:43

So I think I ovulated on 1st/2nd June. Since then I’ve had various symptoms... nausea most days, headache, backache, stomach cramps (around 7dpo), I’m exhausted every day, I have metallic taste in mouth most days, heartburn/indigestion.

Now I’ve started to bleed 3 days before my period is due? To start with a few days after ovulation I had very very pale brown CM and then on Friday I bled a little(dark brown) then Saturday it was quite heavy but still dark brown/dark red and then Sunday and Monday it’s eased off and went a little redder. Today I have nothing and today is the day my period should’ve started?

I took a FR test a few days ago but it was negative??

Can someone help please?!

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Cruzxo Tue 16-Jun-20 08:53:15

Oh and I’ve had like pains in my breasts, areoles seem to be bigger and as soon as I’ve had a wee I feel like I need another?

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Nottherealslimshady Tue 16-Jun-20 11:18:20

I'd take another test, might be or might just be a variation in your cycle. Fingers crossed for you

Cruzxo Tue 16-Jun-20 11:29:06

Thank you I think I might. I took a clear blue early detection a couple of days before the first response and it had a very very faint line but first response was just completely negative.

I’ve only stopped my cerazette pill on 22nd May so I’m trying not to get my hopes up as I think it could just be the pill ☹️

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Nottherealslimshady Tue 16-Jun-20 11:36:48

Ah it could be, it can take a couple of months for your cycle to settle. Really hope it is but dont be disheartened if it's not

Cruzxo Tue 16-Jun-20 11:38:29

Yeah I think that could be it as I had a bleed as soon as I stopped taking it so technically this one is 3 days early but cannot be sure I suppose. Thank you xx

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