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14DPO...No AF....BFN

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Mamajns Fri 12-Jun-20 19:18:02

Hi Ladies,
I'm currently 14dpo, I've had some light back cramps today but nothing to what I normally have.
My boobs are incredibly sore & have been for the last week. I've also had odd dizzy spells. On Monday I actually fainted because of this.
I've also been getting hot flashes today as well, but other than this I've generally felt ok, normally I'm a right miserable git by this point!
I definitely ovulated on the 29th of May (I use ovulation test strips & had a nice dark line), but AF hasn't showed today, I've done two One Step pregnancy test strips both negative, not even a hint of a shadow.
I did do a FRER yesterday which was negative too.
I guess I'm just asking has this happened to anyone else? Has anyone been like this then gone on to get a BFP?
Also when I use my ovulation date on a "due date calculator" it says I wouldn't get a positive test for another week or so?
I know I ovulated a day later than expected (according to the flo app) but I wouldn't of thought this was the case?
Sorry for the rambling, I guess I'm just desperate to speak to someone else that has experienced this.

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Confused1010 Fri 12-Jun-20 19:30:11

I haven’t got any advice, but I am in the same position although now 2 days late and one BFN.
Not sure what that means if it’s just a missed period or what, but I’m normally so regular 😬

Mamajns Sat 13-Jun-20 13:37:05

@Confused1010 have you tested again? I did another test this morning & it looked like it almost had a very faint second line but not enough to be a BFP.
I'm 15DPO now, I do have one FRER left & a Clearblue digital but I don't want to use them for the sake of using them. I still feel a little light headed & a bit sick. I almost feel like AF could arrive at any second as i still have slight cramps/aches on my back.
I wish either AF would show up so I can move on or get a BFP.

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Confused1010 Mon 15-Jun-20 09:41:53

I haven’t retested - I’m going to give it until I’m a week late if I get that far and then retest. I have read that this isn’t overly uncommon to not get a BFP until later on but even so, doesn’t stop the worry!
How are you getting on?

chrissagcat Wed 24-Jun-20 18:45:32

@Mamajns did it come to anything??

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