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First chemical pregnancy - when you try again? Would appreciate some advice!

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Freddie15VES Thu 11-Jun-20 23:09:29

Hi everyone!

I’m hoping for a bit of clarification as when all this happened I didn’t really ask my doctor much, as due to coronavirus it wasn’t a very intimate appointment!

I had a chemical pregnancy 2 weeks ago, it was our first time trying, so great we got pregnant but then lost it due to a chemical. To be honest I wouldn’t have noticed but I took an early test! My period was on time like clockwork as usual.

My doctor did say we could try next cycle but I wondered what are the chances of us conceiving now? Will I ovulate the same time? Am I more fertile? There seems to be quite a lot of different answers online so thought maybe some of you ladies may have some better advice!

Mentally we’re ready to try again ASAP. But doctor said wait until after my next period and someone I spoke with said that they only say this due to dating the pregnancy. Not sure though so yes would appreciate some help with this

Thanks smile

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Dia12 Thu 11-Jun-20 23:17:50

Sorry to hear of your CP, it's more common than you'd think. I've had quite a few myself. You should be absolutely fine to try again in your next cycle and ovulation shouldn't be drastically affected - obviously there can be a lot of variation so you may want to use LH sticks to monitor.
But in any case, you don't need to wait x

2020mission Thu 11-Jun-20 23:18:23

Hey sorry to hear about the chemical. I had one on my first time TTC spotter with early tests and then bled like a period at my usual AF date. We tried again immediately on the following cycle without any luck (and still trying at cycle 4 now) so I'm afraid I can't say from my experience that it makes you any more fertile. I'd assume you have the same chance as any other month. Best of luck!

DawnLaura Fri 12-Jun-20 00:28:18

Sorry to hear about your chemical, OP. I'm in the exact same boat as you - had a chemical about 2 weeks ago now. Although my period/the bleeding didn't start until about a week later than my AF should have, so I'm trying to track my cycle and think it's now shifted by a week.

We decided to try again straight away once I stopped bleeding, so hoping for good news in a few weeks time hopefully.

I say if you guys are ready to start TTC again then go for it. Best of luck!

babybumpfor2020 Fri 12-Jun-20 07:30:50


I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks ago, I was about 2-3 days late, the lines started to fade every day. 😔 I started to bleed 6 days ago, very odd period, nothing like a normal period for me.

We are going to continue trying next cycle bu I'm not hopefully ttc 2 years now

Good luck to you all!

misssoaps Fri 12-Jun-20 07:44:33

I have had 3 chemicals, and the cycle after every one of them I fell pregnant which resulted in a baby! So.. I'd say go for it.

Rumples Fri 12-Jun-20 07:59:54


Sorry to hear about your chemical. I've just had one too and in the same boat and wondering when I will next ovulate.

We've decided that we're going to dtd every other day from CD10 just to make sure we don't miss it this month.

I've heard plenty of people say they get pregnant the month after a chemical. Good luck!

Meomeomeo Fri 12-Jun-20 08:16:18

I’m sorry for your loss. I was in the same boat as you, I had a chemical early April, fading positive on IC and AF came 9 days late - never enough for frer or cbd. We weren’t trying or avoiding at the time so decided to ttc right away. I counted the day AF came as day 1 like normal and used cbd opk from cd10 and managed to pinpoint o date, which happened to be on time. They say we’re more fertile following a CP or MC, I don’t know if it’s true but I got positive from cd10 on IC and FRER and CBD positive on CD12. Unfortunately I miscarriage @5 weeks. The bleed was the weirdest one I had ever had. We tried again but this cycle has been insane, I could not pinpoint my o date to 1 single day. ((Blank circle on cbd opk 10 days in a row then I ran out) I o late this cycle and currently on 8dpo (based on the last o date confirmed by Natural cycles bbt) so we shall see.

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