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CD48.. AF missing in action!

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whereareyouAF Mon 08-Jun-20 08:44:46

Anyone had this happen before

Normally regular 26 day cycle

Didn't detect surge this month so assumed missed it

Took preg test when late on CD35 =negative

Took opk cd37 =positive
Took another preg test as had read positive opks can indicate pregnancy = negative

Now cd48 no AF, no symptoms

V frustrating!

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Curiosity101 Mon 08-Jun-20 08:51:43

If you did ovulate on CD37 then I'd expect AF on CD51-53 if you're not pregnant. It sounds like maybe you skipped your normal ovulation and AF last month? You'd also only be around 10DPO today so I'd probably give it another couple of days before using a HPT.

Good luck!

whereareyouAF Mon 08-Jun-20 11:59:12

Yes I hadn't thought of that but it seems very late to ovulate!

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Curiosity101 Mon 08-Jun-20 12:49:54

If you normally have a 26 day cycle then if you skipped an ovulation/period your next one would probably be around CD 52 if my maths is correct?

So I do reckon you probably had an annovulatory cycle last time so I guess nothing triggered your period. But this cycle has gone like usual by the looks of it, CD37 positive OPK would give ovulation on CD38 would have been CD12 under normal circumstances which is pretty much bang on for a cycle length of 26 days. And puts your AF as due on CD52.

Having said all that, hopefully you don't have a period in 4 days and instead end up with a BFP! grin

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