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Waiting to TTC

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foreverbroody26 Sun 31-May-20 10:44:01

Anyone else very broody but having to wait to TTC?

DD is 13 months and I'd love another but DH wants to wait until DD is older. Just wondering if anyone else is waiting (impatiently) to TTC for various reasons?

In need of some company blush

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Dogsovercats Sun 31-May-20 17:59:09

Hey OP - I have been super broody ever since I started I started a new job (at a major mother and baby store that sadly no longer exists, so babies and baby stuff was in my face every day!!) and seriously started thinking about when to start TTC, 27 then now 28 and feeling my clock ticking!. Then obviously lost my job in November so any plans went out the window, finally started a new job in Feb, which has quite a good mat pay policy so I'm impatiently waiting until Sept to start, once I'll meet the criteria for enhanced pay. Plucked up the courage to mention my plans to DP a few weeks ago, and have come off the pill in preparation now. Now September feels so close but so far and I could take many months after that!!! So yes, long story short very impatient

foreverbroody26 Sun 31-May-20 18:35:48

Hi @Dogsovercats so sorry to hear you lost your job, so glad you have a new one now, especially with good maternity policy! Oh how I loved browsing around your old workplace, no surprise it made you broody! So exciting to think you'll be starting soon, September will be here in no time. I know how you feel though, the wait seems endless!

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