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10dpo and boobs are not as painful any more am I out?

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Halfpint2017 Mon 18-May-20 07:47:19

That’s what I was afraid of oh well fingers crossed AF doesn’t arrive! They are a lot sorer than usual but maybe I’m just symptom spotting too much as well.

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SunnySideUp2020 Mon 18-May-20 07:22:14

hi OP
It could mean that your progesterone dropped because you didnt conceive this month but a lot of ladies don't experience sore boobs in early pregnancy so i wouldn't say you are out just yet!
AF is really the most reliable sign
Good luck x

Halfpint2017 Mon 18-May-20 06:46:15

Hi just that really they’ve been sore since 5dpo and were very painful at day 7. They still hurt today but nowhere near as bad. I had mild pain in one side of my abdomen yesterday and some light brown discharge but my AF starts like this sometimes. We have a 6 year old DD and this is cycle1 of TTC. When we were TTC with DD I didn’t pay attention to ovulation etc so this is a whole new learning curve for me smile

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