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CD 34/28 - bfn - temperature 36.9 -37.2 - PMS symptoms but no AF

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Nellin Sat 02-May-20 21:16:55

Hi ladies, just driving myself mad.

Testing everyday since missed period but so far only BFN.

i'm on day 34 of my normally 27/28 day cycle. Assuming ovulation on cd13/14.

Have a 5cm endometrioma on one of the ovaries.

What do you think? DO I still stand a chance for this month or is it my endo playing with me?


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Belalice Sat 02-May-20 21:19:15

Its not over til AF arrives surely? Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

Nellin Sat 02-May-20 21:20:00

Oh and some dizziness and something similar to hot flushes this whole afternoon. (hopefully not just in my head)

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Nellin Sat 02-May-20 21:21:01

Thank you, I also do hope it is finally happening!

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paintfairy Sat 02-May-20 21:29:10

I think coronavirus disruption caused late ovulation in many people. I'm on cd 40 (usually 26/27 day cycle). Relatively sure I'm not pregnant but I have tested too, to check.

Nellin Sun 03-May-20 13:30:31

Tested again this morning. Nothing...still BFN.

I doubt I am pregnant by AF is nowhere to be seen and my temp is consistently 37.1-37.2.

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SherryPort18 Sun 03-May-20 14:24:26

Hi Nellin
I feel like i'm in a similar situation. I've had a crazy temperature a couple of days ago, headache, and no symptoms of AF even though I am due tomorrow. I am not going to test until I'm late and I'm trying not to get my hopes up.
Does anyone know if a high temperature is a normal symptom? Or if not typical, is it dangerous?
Fingers crossed that you get your BFP smile

paintfairy Sun 03-May-20 14:29:44

How high? It is always higher in your LP but not illness type high?

Nellin Sun 03-May-20 14:46:12

I agree with paintfairy...mine is higher than normal but not really high as it is still in a normal range.

In my case I am a full week late now and still nothing so I am convinced it is not me being pregnant at this point. You are still before your AF due date so give it time smile.

Would look into your temperature though!

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