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CD1 Trying to conceive after miscarriage. Anyone with me?

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Noble89 Mon 20-Apr-20 14:13:23

Hi ladies,

I wanted to start a support thread for those around the start of their cycle to support each other through this journey. I've been here before, just under a year ago when my fiance and I decided to start trying for baby number one. We started trying in June and I was fortunate enough to get my BFP in August. We thought all was well until an early scan showed the baby was only measuring 6 weeks when I should be 8. The midwife reassured me there was a heartbeat and I probably just had my dates wrong so although I knew something wasnt right nothing else was checked until my 12 week scan when I was told the baby had stopped growing at 7 weeks and diagnosed with a missed miscarriage. I opted for a D&C which I had on 24.10.19 and I thought that was the end of it and I'd be able to try again but unfortunately I was then diagnosed as having had a partial molar pregnancy. This is really rare and just very bad luck. This happens when two sperm enter the egg meaning the baby has 3 sets of chromosomes rather than 2 and unfortunately this means they can't survive. The major issue is that the placenta then grows out of control and to cut a long story short this can develop into cancer. Because it's so rare I had to be monitored by a specialist centre in Sheffield. They monitor your HCG levels to ensure it returns to normal. HCG will usually normalise within a month of a miscarriage...mine has taken 6 months. I was lucky, mine went down on its own and didn't develop into cancer and I didn't need chemo and I'm now cleared to try again (you can't during monitoring or there's no way to ensure you're not getting the cancer). Anyway, that's my story and I found these threads really helpful last time I was TTC so wanted to see if there's anyone either starting their journey or still TTC and at the start of a new cycle.

Thanks all and good luck! Xxx

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