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TTC with PCOS & about to start metformin

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SolemnlySwear Fri 27-Mar-20 16:59:09

Hello ladies!

I came off the pill a year ago, no period since, Nada! Ttc since Christmas, tests revealed pcos on both ovaries. Doc recommended weight loss, lost 1st so far. I have now been started on metformin (due to collect monday)

Anyone else had similar experiences?Someone please give me some positive news 😫

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LethargicButAwesome Tue 31-Mar-20 02:06:50

I started my metformin 3 weeks ago, ohhhh it's causing havoc with tummy will keep you posted on progress. Been trying to conceive for 2.5 years now sad

Rainbowsarecoming Wed 13-May-20 22:29:17

@SolemnlySwear @LethargicButAwesome

I also have PCOS and was TTC for 3 long years tying different medication. Metformin didn’t worm for me and gave me horrendous digestive problems however, I tried dieting, I cut out carbs as much as I could, lots of red meat and started walking to become fitter and help shift the weight, I lost a stone and my periods returned and I got my first BFP! It did result in a MMC but they put it down to hormones being out of sync due to my PCOS but next time I’ll be given hormone supplements. There is a light at end of the tunnel for ladies with PCOS xx

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