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40 plus cycle days after MMC

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Mommy10 Wed 04-Mar-20 17:45:02

Hi ladies, i had a MMC at 16weeks Nov 5th 2019. Since then i had 2 cycles and currently waiting for cycle 3. First cycle i got it 38 days after delivering, second cycle was 42 days and I’m currently on cycle day 43 and still no sign of AF. Before getting pregnant my cycles ranged from 32 to 36 CD. Last week i did get a faint positive so i thought we had conceived again but after waiting 3 days the line never got darker and i took a digital yesterday and it said not pregnant. Has anyone had these long cycles after MC? Can this be the reason I’m not conceiving again? Trying to be patient, i know it may take a while for my body to get back to normal but it’s hard!

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Jurassiclover Wed 04-Mar-20 18:46:01


Sorry for your loss.

I had a MC in October and have found my cycles incredibly long now too! Mine are averaging out at 49 days. I have no advice but just wanted to hop on and say you're not alone.

danielasummer Wed 04-Mar-20 18:51:51

@Mommy10 Hi, I'm so sorry for your loss. I miscarried at 7+4 in October and my cycles have always been long and irregular. Also wanted to say that you're not alone. It can be harder for us to pinpoint ovulation to conceive, as ovulation can be on different days, so I recommend using OPKs (I use Clear Blue Dual Hormone Advanced) and temping (BBT tracking). They work hand in hand to predict and confirm ovulation. Sending you lots of luck x

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