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First time TTC and feeling lost!

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TwitcherOfCurtains Sat 15-Feb-20 17:39:32

I can understand having those thoughts about timing etc when you've been unsuccessful conceiving for a while but you've not even tried!

You don't have to wait after your implant is out to have sex.
Pregnancy tests are all the same really, apart from those very early testing ones.

Taking folic acid is about the only thing you really ought to do.

I conceived the same month I had my implant out.
Good luck and try not to over think things .

MoonW Sat 15-Feb-20 17:30:53

@TwitcherOfCurtains I understand that, I think having read through a few of the threads here it just seems there are things you can do to help know the best times etc to increase chances and was just simply looking for some advice.

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TwitcherOfCurtains Sat 15-Feb-20 17:27:20

It's very simple, have unprotected sex.

How do you think women managed it before ovulation sticks and all that stuff?

MoonW Sat 15-Feb-20 17:24:36

Hello everyone! grin

I thought it was time to stop lurking and actually post because I am feeling so lost with all the information available! My DH & I have decided we are ready to start TTC and I am due to have my implant removed in the first week of April, but feeling a bit lost about where to go from here!

There seems to be so much information about taking pregnancy vitamins whilst TTC, and I have no idea about when to start using ovulation sticks, how long to leave it to start trying once the implant is out or what tests to use when?!

Am I the only one who is suddenly realising there is so much I don't know or am I overthinking? blush

Any help/tips/timeline/important info would be hugely appreciated!

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