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Supplements - help please

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danielasummer Mon 27-Jan-20 09:55:57

Hi, please help if you can - I've been taking Zita West Vitafem pre-Natals since my miscarriage in October. I had full blood work done and my b12 is way too high so the doctor has told me to stop the Vitafem tablets. I'm so anxious that I won't get pregnant if I stop them 😔 can anyone advise? Which supplements, if any, are you currently taking? Does anyone know if over supplementation of b12 is dangerous?

Background info: I'm 27 (28 in March), DH is 28, missed miscarriage in October 2019, trying for baby #1, I have very long and irregular cycles but no PCOS. Thank you x

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danielasummer Mon 27-Jan-20 09:56:55

I should add that DH has been taking Zita West Vitamen supplements since October too and additionally supplements cod liver oil, d3 and b12 (he's vegetarian)

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danielasummer Tue 28-Jan-20 07:51:11


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Hatepickinganame Tue 28-Jan-20 08:17:09

@danielasummer i didnt want to read and run, i dont really have any advice other than if the dr has said stop taking them it might be wise? Could you look into supplements without b12?

On a side note, i have pcos (diagnosed by laparoscopy during my 2nd pregnancy) and ive had 3 healthy tiny humans, and i didnt take any vitamins other than iron as i always have low iron levels.

Hatepickinganame Tue 28-Jan-20 08:18:17

@danielasummer just reread that you dont have pcos, sorry! Thought it said you did.

Trying2019 Tue 28-Jan-20 22:16:22

@danielasummer ive decided this month to just take folic acid and vitamin c. I was taking lots of b12 previous cycles and b complex to lengthen luteal phase and its made no difference. If anything my cycle is worse. Im getting all my bloods done this month so rather not take anything and check my normal levels if that makes sense.

I took vital dha by zita west and coq10 my first couple of cycles. My LP was longer but took me ages to ovulate. So i dont really want to start trying anything new. Doesnt seem like we can win either way. The NHS does have a list of vitamins you can take. My husband takes conceive plus then extra vitamin c as they contain everything recommended by the NHS when he had the forms for sperm anaylsis

Sorry about your Mc xx


KittyWindbag Tue 28-Jan-20 22:20:01

Follow your doctors advice. You really need to be taking folic acid and vitamin D, vitamin c doesn’t hurt either. Instead of a supplement how about buying these individually and taking them.

danielasummer Wed 29-Jan-20 18:41:29

@Hatepickinganame @Trying2019 @KittyWindbag thank you so much for your replies ladies. You're definitely right - stick to folic acid and see what the doctor comes back with. I'm anemic too but they haven't put me on any iron, so I'm even more confused. Thanks for your help x

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karenkeys Wed 29-Jan-20 18:45:41

That’s annoying. I’ve been taking folic acid 400mcg and vitamin D 10mcg while trying. I try to just eat well when I can to get other vitamins but those are the only supplements I thought you really needed when TTC and in the first trimester.

ckc45d10 Wed 29-Jan-20 19:13:06

Ditto for CoQ10 as mentioned previously. And, forms that are water and fat-soluble absorb better. But, yes, always check with your doctor on a new supplement regimen.

Hopin4no4 Wed 29-Jan-20 19:19:41

Coq10! I swear by the stuff!

danielasummer Thu 30-Jan-20 14:48:34

@karenkeys thank you for your reply - I will ask them on Tuesday (have an appointment at the specialist fertility clinic) and see what they say.

@ckc45d10 thanks for your advice, how do I know which are fat and water soluble?

@Hopin4no4 thanks for your reply, with Coq10 that's mainly to help with egg quality isn't it? Which mg do you take if you don't mind me asking?

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Hopin4no4 Thu 30-Jan-20 15:16:29

Yes, it helps egg quality and fertility. It's apparently recommended to women going through IVF in the 2 week wait. I took 300mg daily x

ckc45d10 Fri 31-Jan-20 15:06:40

Research has used anywhere from 100 to 600 mg CoQ10 per day. It varies, so perhaps check with your doctor as well.

danielasummer Sat 01-Feb-20 12:27:38

@Hopin4no4 @ckc45d10 thank you so much for your replies and help.. I really feel like the ladies on MN know more than GPs when it comes to fertility! My GP was useless and said I just needed to relax and take folic acid. After a miscarriage and TTC for a while, long, irregular cycles and anovulation, when someone tells you to just 'relax' I feel like I want to scream. Will definitely look into coq10 though - thank you x

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