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TTC with known variocele

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bluemoon2468 Wed 01-Jan-20 17:06:40

Hi all 😊 I am currently on CD1 (AF started today) of cycle #2 TTC #1. I'm interested to hear from anyone TTC when their OH has or had a variocele. My husband was diagnosed with one a long time ago in his late teens. It causes him pain from time to time, but no treatment was recommended when he was diagnosed - he was told to wait and see whether it causes him fertility issues in future, and that it would be dealt with if necessary then. I know it's still early days for us on our TTC journey, but it's always been in the back of my mind that it could cause us difficulty. I know that we are supposed to wait a year before seeking help, but I think if we aren't pregnant after about 5-6 months, I'll feel very frustrated sitting around wasting time when there's a known problem! Does anyone have experience of variocele on their TTC journey? Would love to hear from people whose partners have had them removed or who have conceived despite having them!

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Milosinthebox Wed 01-Jan-20 17:17:20

Not a success story here I'm afraid. We have been TTC 2 years this month and have just found out DH has this, which they believe is contributing to his low sperm count & mobility.

He'll be having an op in the new year to fix it, so fingers crossed!

bluemoon2468 Wed 01-Jan-20 17:50:18

@Milosinthebox glad you've been able to get to the bottom of your difficulties. From what I've read, surgery is very successful so I have my fingers crossed for you! I really want my husband to go to the doctors if we still haven't conceived in a few months time. Not sure if the year rule still applies if you are known to have a condition that often impacts on fertility?

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bluemoon2468 Thu 02-Jan-20 10:34:21

Anyone else?

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Sammyclaire22 Thu 02-Jan-20 10:40:53

My oh has q a large one- he found a lump a few years ago and it was that. At the time they did tests and said his swimmers were ok, not 100% but not bad. 1 in 3 can be infertile so glad there was still something!
Took us a year of tcc (1st 6 months was more relaxed approach) then got pregnant 2 months in a row. (First was ectopic so now I only have one tube to add to the fun of ttc no2!)

Can he go to the gp to request tests now? I would have thought he could easily get referred as it's not joint infertility investigations and it's just a sample in a pot. That way you know what you are dealing with sooner than later.

ByAppointmentTo Thu 02-Jan-20 11:01:10

DH had a varicocele and a low sperm count with very few normal sperm. He had an embolisation and it did improve his count. I also have PCOS so ovulate very infrequently and only had one tube but happily after he had the op we did manage to have children. Good luck!

ElphiasDoge Thu 02-Jan-20 11:09:35

We had almost this exact situation. DH diagnosed with varicocoele in his teens. We started TTC a bit half heartedly - missed a few months because of work etc but it got to 9 months and I found it was really messing with my head it not happening and thinking it might not be possible but I was hoping. We ended up getting a semen analysis privately. It was £75 for just that or £150 for a whole MOT plus consultation so we did the whole MOT and I had a scan as well.

The lab phoned us at 9pm on a Saturday night so I assumed something must be wrong but his sperm count was excellent. The lab guy said he had a varicocoele and two children himself.

As it happens it did go on to take us 2 years to conceive and we were going to have IVF when I found out DS was coming of his own accord. Probably nothing to do with The varicocoele.

I think I’d be tempted to pay for a semen analysis in your shoes, as it’s obviously hanging over you.

bluemoon2468 Thu 02-Jan-20 17:07:03

Thanks for all of your replies!

@Sammyclaire22 I'd really like him to go to the doctor now but he thinks they'll refuse to refer him because we've only had one unsuccessful cycle of trying. He has private healthcare through work though, so I don't see why they wouldn't refer. Tbh I think he's scared that there is a problem, and is just hoping I'll get pregnant soon and he won't have to worry about it, but I don't want to waste time!

@ByAppointmentTo did you have your children naturally after the surgery? How long did it take each time if you don't mind me asking?

@ElphiasDoge it's great to hear that you were able to conceive naturally despite it taking you so long. Will you be trying for a second child?

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ElphiasDoge Fri 03-Jan-20 12:28:24

@bluemoon2468 DH’s sperm count was really good and I got pregnant very quickly after an HSG so I wonder if I actually had a bit of a blocked tube that cleared with a flush through or something. Our DS has a genetic disease, we had no idea we were carriers so if we do try again it will likely be IVF with PGD to avoid another child being affected but not to do with fertility.

Your GP may just arrange a semen analysis for you or may suggest trying for a bit first, I think it probably varies. We just went private as didn’t want the hassle of taking time off work when they might say no and there’s a lovely clinic close to us that my friend was having treatment at. It certainly wouldn’t be wrong to just have a go but I know it can be a bit of a headfuck, but then equally going and getting tested can put you in the mind frame of having a problem and that can be a headfuck too. Good luck whatever you decide and fingers crossed for you.

bluemoon2468 Sun 02-Feb-20 10:23:56

I just wanted to update this thread for anyone who may come across it in future. We were very lucky to conceive easily, on our second month of trying (the month I started this thread). Hopefully this gives anyone hope if they come across this and have similar concerns that I did.

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Sammyclaire22 Wed 05-Feb-20 21:20:26

Congratulations... lovely news xx

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