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12 DPO - line eyes please

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kcf90 Fri 29-Nov-19 09:32:48


I’m 12 dpo and in cycle day 34. I am usually due on around cycle day 31 but for some reason the app has changed it to 36 this month.

Anyways, I tested 2 days ago and couldn’t see anything but then had the attached yday and today. Is this looking like a good sign or should they be stronger at 12dpo?

I had a chemical pregnancy 2 months ago so I’m not getting excited just yet.

Thanks xx

bluebell94 Fri 29-Nov-19 09:43:07

Well there's definitely a line, do you have any more sensitive tests to try tomorrow? Good luck, I hope this one is the one for you xx

kell2126 Fri 29-Nov-19 10:55:01

unmistakable second line on the bottom test – GL! x

kcf90 Fri 29-Nov-19 11:31:54

@bluebell94 thank you! We do too! We’ve been trying a year so far. I don’t have any sensitive ones in just the cheapies. May nip out and get some later. I hate the waiting game.

@kell2126 I’m glad I’m not just seeing things. I darent get my hopes up! Xx

Monday55 Fri 29-Nov-19 12:06:54

The bottom one is positive.

MsChatterbox Fri 29-Nov-19 12:14:37

Eek yes 😍

sarahc336 Fri 29-Nov-19 12:43:16

You may have only implanted and that's why the line is faint smile

kcf90 Fri 29-Nov-19 13:28:56

Thanks all. I’ve just done a clear blue digital and it said not pregnant. But it could be as it’s not FMU? Urgh will try again tomorrow. I’m due on Sunday according to my app but that seems late for me xx

Dollywilde Fri 29-Nov-19 13:39:42

Last one looks positive to me! I'd be inclined to assume late ovulation - did you put any data into the app about OPKs/temping/cm etc that might have caused it to assume you ovulated later than normal?

kcf90 Fri 29-Nov-19 13:59:55


I was logging OPKs which suggested I was ovulating on day 22 of my cycle xx

CAG12 Fri 29-Nov-19 14:04:18

The bottom one is maybe positive but im not confident. I reckon try again on sunday with a FRER

MsChatterbox Fri 29-Nov-19 14:08:25

I wouldn't bother with a digital just yet! Get a pink dye test and save the other digital for a weeks time.

Dollywilde Fri 29-Nov-19 14:37:00

@kcf90 ah yeah I guess it's saying day 36 based on a 14 day LP then? I agree with CAG, go with a FRER on Sunday smile

kcf90 Fri 29-Nov-19 14:38:11

Thanks everyone. Keeping fingers tightly crossed Xx

Monday55 Fri 29-Nov-19 17:19:13

Digital tests takes a lot longer to register the pregnancy hormone. Try FRER test

Bella330 Fri 29-Nov-19 17:30:51

@kcf90 I can see the lines!! Fingers crossed it’s a sticky bean! Sorry to hear about your CP

I’m due AF Sunday too... I couldn’t resist POAS this week I’ve had completely stark white BFN’s! Today FMU I did a Tesco home cheapie, looked after 3 minutes couldn’t really see anything. Left on the window sill went to work came home and I can see a line and it has the colour blue in it for sure!! Now I don’t know what to think of it?

Any ideas? Happy for anyone to bring me back down to Earth. All thoughts and opinions welcome 😊

kcf90 Fri 29-Nov-19 20:34:01

@Bella330 aww welcome to the annoying wait club! I see so many people saying don’t read it after 3 mins but always find mine to not be clear until after this time limit. So fingers crossed for you too!! Xx

SPONGEBOB12 Fri 29-Nov-19 22:50:54

I'm not sure how you add a pic but I need help on these tests I just took are they positive?

SPONGEBOB12 Fri 29-Nov-19 22:52:40

How do I attach a pic?

kcf90 Sat 30-Nov-19 07:42:24

Did a cheapie this morning but hardly anything there sad my FMU didn’t seem strong though.

@SPONGEBOB12 there is a little attach button that looks like a paper clip under where you type your message.

cookielove Sat 30-Nov-19 08:39:35

Try a pink dye test, like frer!

My cheapies were really faint at the beginning!

cookielove Sat 30-Nov-19 08:41:09

Opk at top, pt at bottom

Frer, a few days later.

kcf90 Sat 30-Nov-19 09:41:15

@cookielove ah congratulations!!! How many dpo was the frer? Xx

kcf90 Sat 30-Nov-19 10:59:15

Updated with today’s test...

CoffeeAndCarbs Sat 30-Nov-19 11:03:09

Definite line on today's one @kcf90 👍 congratulations! X

kcf90 Sat 30-Nov-19 11:05:28

@CoffeeAndCarbs thank you but I’m not getting too excited yet. The lines still seem faded. Will grab an frer test today. Fingers crossed xx

MsChatterbox Sat 30-Nov-19 12:25:45

This morning's seems nice and dark!

kcf90 Sat 30-Nov-19 12:56:50

@MsChatterbox I feel like I’m expecting it to be the same colour as the other one and for it to show straight away rather than a few moments later.

Dollywilde Sat 30-Nov-19 12:58:27

I would panic OP, technically your period still isn’t due, it would be weird to have a super strong line pre AF due date smile

MsChatterbox Sat 30-Nov-19 13:20:50

There will be inconsistent amount of dyes in each of these cheap tests! Try to leave it 48 hours 😊

summershine2204 Sat 30-Nov-19 13:43:22

@kcf90 I know how you feel! I'm currently 10 DPO and this is how my cheapies are reading. I did a FRER on Thursday that was 100% blank (not due on until 4/12/19) however I had very light bleeding that I was hoping was implantation...

Isn't the wait awful sad

kcf90 Sat 30-Nov-19 14:48:55

Eek I’m getting my hopes up when I know I shouldn’t. Did an FRER and me and the OH both think there is a pale pink line but I mean pale...

@summershine2204 wow those are looking bright for 10dpo. I am so impatient at the best of times so this is torture. We’ve had a tough time trying and then a chemical pregnancy a few months ago. But the lines were even lighter than this time around so I’m seeing it as a good sign they are darker. I just want to see that strong line to be sure! Xx

summershine2204 Sat 30-Nov-19 16:04:49

@kcf90 this is the first time ever had any type of line, is a chemical basically false positives?

Quiffy Sat 30-Nov-19 16:19:34

Congratulations! Can see it for sure

kcf90 Sat 30-Nov-19 16:36:56

@summershine2204 no I had faint lines a few months ago and then a really heavy 1 day bleed and then lines for another 1 or 2.

I’m not convinced the FRER actually has a line. I keep looking at it and Im wondering if it’s just an evap line. Guess I’ll try again tomorrow and hope AF doesn’t show it’s face.

kcf90 Sat 30-Nov-19 16:39:42

Another 1 or 2 weeks that should read**

I felt pregnant then too (this is first time baby), had nausea and sore boobs until the lines faded. Partly worry too I think.

I’ve not had any symptoms this time yet. Boobs slightly sore but they usually are around AF. Only difference is that today I’ve had a lot of CM.

cookielove Sat 30-Nov-19 17:01:13

Op it was 12dpo

Jomum2020 Sat 30-Nov-19 17:03:36

Congratulations! I can see a line too! X

kcf90 Sat 30-Nov-19 18:10:33

@cookielove ah so there is still hope for me yet. Shame the FRER and the digital are bringing me down sad xx

kcf90 Sun 01-Dec-19 09:28:59

Morning all!

Update with this mornings result. Looking lighter but strangely my FMU isn’t always my strongest. Early evening tends to be stronger.

I’m so nervous. Just want a BFP.

AF due today so hoping that stays away.

mywrencalls Sun 01-Dec-19 09:37:00

@kcf90 I'm currently 5+5 weeks and I first tested on 17th Nov, my lines were like that for a few days. Good luck smile

kcf90 Sun 01-Dec-19 09:53:27

@mywrencalls aw a huge congratulations! That’s amazing. I hope everything goes well for you smile

I just see loads of examples of darker lines at this stage so it’s panicking me that it won’t stick again xx

CrazyFooLady Sun 01-Dec-19 09:56:01

Hey @kcf90 I'm due on today too, I've been getting very faint lines like urs too....... I will keep my fingers crossed for the both of us for a BFP.
Lol I had to giggle tho, I'm getting married at the end of March, looks like I may have to get a different wedding dress 🤦‍♂️😂 x

kcf90 Sun 01-Dec-19 09:59:37

@CrazyFooLady oooh my fingers are tightly crossed for you! Keep me posted!

Haha oh no! Wedding dress shopping twice though, making the most of it 😂 that’ll be a exciting xx

kcf90 Sun 01-Dec-19 19:43:35

So AF hasn’t arrived today. My tests have been lighter But my sample has also seemed diluted all day. This is such a killer xx

kcf90 Mon 02-Dec-19 06:51:29

I’m now 15dpo and this is the clear blue one I did this morning. Still so faint sad

kcf90 Mon 02-Dec-19 07:14:04

Other views of the test...

Lizziejayne13 Mon 02-Dec-19 07:20:41

I see the line! It looks positive to me smile

kcf90 Mon 02-Dec-19 07:35:05

@lizziejayne13 thank you. I don’t know why I’m worrying so much. I just see other people’s posts and their lines are more obvious and get darker as each day passes whereas mine isn’t. Hope AF stays away today. I’m now 1 day late.

Have a headache and a full tummy ache. My boobs are sore like they usually are before AF.

kcf90 Mon 02-Dec-19 07:35:23

Dull tummy ache**

mywrencalls Mon 02-Dec-19 10:37:48

@kcf90 You may have just ovulated a little late? Hence the lines being faint. But definitely looks positive smile

kcf90 Mon 02-Dec-19 12:17:11

@mywrencalls I hope so! I did use the ovulation kits to work it out though and that’s what has put me at 15dpo. Can you implant later possibly?

If I’d just seen this test and no others over the last few days then I think I’d feel more positive xx

Dollywilde Mon 02-Dec-19 13:20:13

So the timescales I’ve read are as follows:

Positive OPK - ovulation within 12 - 36 hours
Egg hangs out in tubes for 12 - 24 hours
Egg arrives at uterus 3 - 4 days later
Egg travels to cervix and ‘floats’ for 2 - 3 days
Egg implants 3 - 4 days after that

So implantation on the shortest scale could take 9 days from the positive OPK but on the longest of all the above could take 12.5 days. So if it’s 15 days after you got a positive OPK it could only have been implanted for 2.5 days hence the weaker line?

Either way I wouldn’t worry about it, just wanted to share some of my (dodgy AF) understanding of science! Taken from this page:

kcf90 Mon 02-Dec-19 15:17:10

@Dollywilde that’s so helpful thank you! I’m trying to stay level but this wait is hard.

lauryloo Mon 02-Dec-19 15:25:59

wishing you all the best OP - when i was getting lines like that on cheapies i also got a positive on a cb digi!

kcf90 Mon 02-Dec-19 17:54:43

@lauryloo thank you. I did do a digital on Saturday but it was a BFN sad I’ll try again later this week if the lines on the cb tests get darker xx

Blondeandbroody Tue 03-Dec-19 03:01:12

Jumping on because after reading I feel so invested in you @kcf90 and hoping your get a BFP so much! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

I think I am only 1dpo and we DTD a day either side of what I believe was ovulation day so I am confident that we’ve done all we can given my cycle is unknown after coming off the pill. Going to try and wait as long as I can to test but I doubt I’ll hold out! Got some FRER on the way, 2 pack from amazon £5! Barg!

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 06:07:50

@Blondeandbroody thank you so much! Wishing you a speedy 2week wait!

Things still not looking great for me... cb test very similar to yesterday but the digital was a BFN. Disheartened and confused.

AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 03-Dec-19 06:39:49

@kcf90 morning, don't worry just yet when I was last pregnant I got negatives until a week after my period was due and then another week after that before a digital confirmed it, x

I ovulated late I believe this month too I think it was around cd25 I'm still getting negatives now sad I thought I got a faint postive a few days ago but negative again now x

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 06:57:04

@AnxiousAnnie86 I’m struggling to stay positive but know I should until AF comes. Fingers crossed for you too, keep me posted.

This is 1st baby for us and we’ve been trying since February. I hate each month that passes xx

AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 03-Dec-19 07:00:46

@kcf90 I know what you mean sad unfortunately my last pregnancy didn't last... we've been trying for a while now too and my periods just seem to irregular since having the coil removed it's hard to track anything, got another negative on IC this morn, I have heard a lot people say they are no good for early testing, when did you say you were due? X

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 07:06:17

@AnxiousAnnie86 I am so sorry to hear that sad I really hope it’s good news all round this month.

So I am usually due on around cycle day 32 but ovulation this month (day 22) pushed my period due date to cd 36. I’m now day 38 xx

AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 03-Dec-19 07:09:28

Have you tried a FRER? I didn't get a positive digital for ages, it was really making me worry, I became obsessed with testing!

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 08:23:54

@AnxiousAnnie86 I tried one on Saturday but there wasn’t really anything there sad may have been too early xx

AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 03-Dec-19 08:47:05

@kcf90 I did one Sunday and same.... I'm sure I got a very faint yest on IC But it's stark white today, sound like we are at a similar point! I will have everything crossed for you!! Do you have any symptoms x

ilovechocolatebiscuits Tue 03-Dec-19 09:40:34

Definitely a line. I would get a frer or digital now xx

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 09:43:11

@AnxiousAnnie86 how many dpo are you now? These are my tests from yday and today. Symptoms include tender boobs, creamy CM, headache and feeling a bit icky xx

AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 03-Dec-19 09:50:16

I'm not 100% I think approx 10? Maybe I'm testing too soon x

AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 03-Dec-19 09:51:41

That looks positive! I would get a digital, the first one I got a positive on was not the weeks indicator, but the one that just says pregnant or not pregnant

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 12:16:43

@AnxiousAnnie86 I did a digital one this morning too and it said not pregnant. So confusing xx

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 12:17:44

@AnxiousAnnie86 oh I’ve just reread sorry! I didn’t know they did those! Xx

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 13:23:08

I’ve just been to the loo and there is some blood on my liner and on the tampon holder when I inserted it. More of a dark pink colour. I am now fearing the worst sad

Dollywilde Tue 03-Dec-19 14:30:50

Oh damn @kcf90 sad There's definitely lines on your tests, even if they are faint, so I've got everything crossed this is just some early pregnancy spotting. Praying for you it's not a chemical flowers

Blondeandbroody Tue 03-Dec-19 14:35:30

@kcf90 I second what @dollywilde has said! Fingers crossed for you!!!

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 14:42:06

@Dollywilde @blondeandbroody

Thank you both of you, so lovely of you.

I honestly don’t know how to tell other than now wait and see. it was only the month before last that I had a chemical and I’m devastated it seems that way again. I’m struggling to deal with the mental torture each month xx

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 17:23:25

So I’ve quite a lot on the tampon now. I feel broken sad

sarahc336 Tue 03-Dec-19 17:57:52

Really sorry to hear this. This exact reason is why I hate testing early as I've had faint lines early and then my period comes so a chemical. I think I'd rather not know. Hope this isn't the case for you though, look after yourself thanks

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 18:24:14

@sarahc336 it’s just gutting isn’t it!

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 18:28:50

@sarahc336 pressed send too early! My period is usually day 32 but the app changed it to day 36 this month for some reason. Maybe as it was the first month I’d used ovulation tests. But I’ve always come on around day 32.

I’m really hoping I’m lucky sad xx

AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 03-Dec-19 19:11:19

I'm sorry @kcf90 I have everything crossed for you xxx

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 19:16:15

@AnxiousAnnie86 thank you hun.

So disgusting I know, but I showed my sister my tissue when I wiped and she thinks it’s quite pink and there hasn’t been any in the last few years xx

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 19:16:26


AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 03-Dec-19 19:23:03

@kcf90 it could very well be implantation! If it's different to your normal period that's a really good sign! X

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 19:41:37

@AnxiousAnnie86 I hope it’s something pregnancy related and not AF sad xx

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 19:52:00

@AnxiousAnnie86 just had a thought.. wouldn’t implantation have had to happen already for there to be faint lines already showing? Xx

AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 03-Dec-19 19:56:55

@kcf90 I don't believe so, I think there can be further implantation.... I'm not 💯 though, I had some bleeding and everyone just kept telling me it can be perfectly normal, my sister in law bled loads for 12 weeks! X

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 19:59:06

@AnxiousAnnie86 oh I do hope so! I’m so confused. Only time will tell sad xx

AnxiousAnnie86 Tue 03-Dec-19 20:05:36

@kcf90 keep us posted! Fingers crossed for you!!! Xx

kcf90 Tue 03-Dec-19 21:04:58

@AnxiousAnnie86 thank you smile I’ll definitely keep you updated xx

AnxiousAnnie86 Wed 04-Dec-19 07:14:29

@kcf90 good morning! How are you feeling x

kcf90 Wed 04-Dec-19 09:14:05

@AnxiousAnnie86 morning. Deflated. Still had a bit of bleeding overnight so we will see what the next few days hold I guess xx

kcf90 Wed 04-Dec-19 16:38:03

So my period just seems like normal now - maybe slightly lighter than usual. I rung the drs and they can't get me in for 2 weeks so suggested that I contact the EPU. Unfortunately they won't do anything until 6 weeks so they said test again next week and if its still positive then go back to them sad They said bleeding at this stage can be normal but I feel like things aren't looking good. I did a test this morning but it was lighter than yesterdays xx

kcf90 Thu 05-Dec-19 07:45:29

Morning all. Just an update, my bleed was light to medium and has slowed down overnight. However my clear blue test was negative this morning. I’m genuinely gutted and wondering how I will get through each month that this happens sad is my body not wanting to accept the pregnancies? sad xx

AnxiousAnnie86 Thu 05-Dec-19 07:52:11

Morning @kcf90 I'm really sorry to hear that, I don't think it is that at all, if anything the opposite, chemical pregnancies are so so common, people just generally don't know they have had one as it is before the time they would normally test, maybe try next month not testing until due date?

I really do wish you all the luck on your journey I know how incredibly hard it is sad hopefully we will both get our BFP soon xxxx

Blondeandbroody Thu 05-Dec-19 08:20:36

@kcf90 I'm so so sorry lovely!

I think @AnxiousAnnie86 has given the best possible advice there. Try, as hard as it may be, to not test early next cycle to save yourself from this. Try and wait til the day after your AF is due at least? I am going to take that advice too and wait until I am late before testing xX

Take some time to feel sad about this one or whatever you need and then dust yourself off and get back in the game so to speak xx you can do it 😘

kcf90 Thu 05-Dec-19 13:27:57

@AnxiousAnnie86 @Blondeandbroody thank you both so much. It’s been great to be able to talk through what’s happening. Guess we will just keep trying. Keep me posted both of you, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

kcf90 Fri 03-Jan-20 09:12:06

@AnxiousAnnie86 @Blondeandbroody how are you both doing? Xxx

Blondeandbroody Fri 03-Jan-20 09:19:29

@kcf90 hi lovely,

I've not been using mumsnet much as I've been waiting for AF who finally showed today after 47 days since stopping the pill! I am so happy haha never thought AF could make me happy!

So I'm onto my first proper cycle now and I'm feeling excited about it. Waiting for AF made me realise that I'm okay if it takes time as so much is out of my control but now I have had my first AF after the pill I feel like I can plan better!

How are you doing lovely?

kcf90 Fri 03-Jan-20 09:25:31

@Blondeandbroody aww yay! That first wait after the pill is a killer but 47 days isn’t too bad at all. You can get planning now woohoo!!

I’m good thank you. Last month was a struggle but we cracked on, I’m 10 dpo and probably about to go through it all again. My cycles are so long and the wait is a killer. Going to try hold out until late AF before testing, try... haha.

We have both been taking the supplements properly this month and using conceive plus to help. I’ve had to self-inseminate a lot this month but hears hoping its worked 🤞🏻 Xx

Blondeandbroody Fri 03-Jan-20 10:04:33

@kcf90 awww good, yeah try and hold off on testing to save yourself any pain and HPTs haha xx I'm excited to go through it all again even though I know the TWW will be a killer.

I am going to try OPKs this month just to check that I am actually ovulating after a weird first cycle.

I was getting very impatient but I was ready to go the doctors and demand something to bring my period on ha ha.

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