Clear blue digital ovulation...

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Sunflower2019 Wed 23-Oct-19 15:11:41

I have bought both the pink the standard one and the advanced..

Currently cd8 and the pink one was just a circle..

When do I ideally need to start as usually ovulate cd10 but app is saying cd13 this month..

Haven’t used the purple as haven’t received the sticks as yet sad



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Lauraliverpool Wed 23-Oct-19 16:51:52

Hi, I used the clear blue advanced ovulation tests and it will tell you in the leaflet what cycle day to start using them. I usually use first morning urine. Xx

Sunflower2019 Thu 24-Oct-19 10:46:27

@Lauraliverpool I’ve been using it but two days of just a circle.. and I’m due to ovulate by my app in 4 days 🤔😭 I’m even more confused now!! Xx

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Lauraliverpool Thu 24-Oct-19 22:06:23

@Sunflower2019 could possibly get a flashing smiley face tomorrow/day after or could go straight to a solid smiley face that's happened to me cycle before last and the latest one I had 3 days of flashing smiley face then the solid smiley face. Xx

beibikeiks Fri 25-Oct-19 01:31:36

The pink ones will give you empty circles until they detect the LH surge. So if your app is predicting ovulation in 4 days then an empty circle would be correct at this time (and until 12-48h before ovulation).
Also, these apps are just predicting according to previous cycles, but each cycle can be different obviously. So I would not be trusting these apps as a "solid proof" for ovulation 😊

Sunflower2019 Fri 25-Oct-19 11:26:48

@beibikeiks I’m using the purple one.. still just a circle today 😭 starting to worry!!!! My cycles are only around 27 days so thought I’d be ovulating my now!

@Lauraliverpool do you think they are that reliable? Always used the sticks and presumed I ovulated around now? Maybe I’ll try a cheapy later? Xx

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beibikeiks Fri 25-Oct-19 11:46:39

Ahh I see. Some people get a very short surge and you might just get a flashing smiley for a short time then straight to the solid one. I'd just keep testing and see 😊


Lauraliverpool Fri 25-Oct-19 13:52:54

@Sunflower2019 think it can depend on your cycle length this is the second day I'm using them and I've got a flashing smiley face and the cycle before I had like 3 days of flashing smiley face then the solid smiley face. I prefer using these cause then you're not trying to analyse the lines on the cheapy tests. They give you an idea what's going on. Xx

Sunflower2019 Fri 25-Oct-19 15:43:14

@Lauraliverpool @beibikeiks

This is my chart... last cycle was only 26 days I think so would of expected to of at least had a flashing smiley wouldn’t i?? Xx

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Sunflower2019 Fri 25-Oct-19 15:46:53

Just got my flashing smiley 🥰 so now what? How odd as this morning there was nothing just the circle! Xx

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Lauraliverpool Fri 25-Oct-19 18:16:28

@Sunflower2019 did you hold your wee for a couple of hours? The hormones are more concentrated if you hold your wee for a while, the flashing smiley indicates the test has detected a rise in estrogen this is displayed until the test detects the lh surge which occurs prior to ovulation. Try and baby dance if you can as you've got a increased chance of getting pregnant when you get the flashing smiley face. Xx

Lauraliverpool Fri 25-Oct-19 18:17:19

And definitely more when you get the solid smiley face too!

Sunflower2019 Sat 26-Oct-19 10:36:45

@Lauraliverpool still a flashing smiley so that’s good 🙂 Hoping I ovulate soon.. do you think I should be testing twice a day or just fmu okay? Xx

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claireb707 Sat 26-Oct-19 10:58:25

I'd be testing multiple times if you have a flashing smiley. Although cbd say test with fmu your peak is normally in the afternoon so if you only test in the morning then you'll miss it

Sunflower2019 Sat 26-Oct-19 11:08:50

@claireb707 I have some cheapy ones so I’ll try them first later around 1 and if it’s strong I’ll give it ago smile thank you! X

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Sunflower2019 Sun 27-Oct-19 08:44:55

Hi girls still a flashing smiley and my opks are just faint lines.. 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m even more confused than ever this cycle 😐 apparently by my app I’m due to ovulate tomorrow.. but my cycles are only around 26 days so surely this should be happening by now??

@Lauraliverpool @beibikeiks @claireb707

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claireb707 Sun 27-Oct-19 08:47:33

I ways get flashing in the morning as well as faint lines on cheapy tests. Have you tested in afternoon / evening as well?

claireb707 Sun 27-Oct-19 08:48:35

Oh and I would ignore what the app says.... I'd be testing multiple times a day

claireb707 Sun 27-Oct-19 08:49:33

How long have you left the cheap opks for results. Mine always look faint on first 2 mins but get a lot darker between about 3-5 mins

Sunflower2019 Sun 27-Oct-19 09:11:00

Well the these ones steps are hit and miss as sometimes they seem faulty, like the dye isn’t strong enough but haven’t been testing much with them, once a day as thought these clear blue would pick up quicker? I’m testing twice with clear blue.. once in the morning then late afternoon..
the lines in the clear blue look slightly darker than yesterday’s (if that’s even anything to go by) if I’m getting a smiley does that mean I’m at least fertile? Lol.. these have made me even more Paranoid 😂 I’m gonna do an opk shortly (cheapy) as you are meant to test after 10.30 with those aren’t you? I done one this morning anyway just to see if a second line came up xx

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Sunflower2019 Sun 27-Oct-19 09:11:58

It’s quite dark though this morning again?

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Sunflower2019 Sun 27-Oct-19 09:13:05

@claireb707 where are you in your cycle?, x

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claireb707 Sun 27-Oct-19 09:15:45

I'm 8dpo, this was my positive opk day

claireb707 Sun 27-Oct-19 09:17:11

I'd say that you are about there, check again later today.

I at first that cheap on was neg and nearly threw it away but then left it and it was that dark when I looked again

Sunflower2019 Sun 27-Oct-19 09:19:37

What about the clear blue when should I expect a solid smiley? @claireb707

Good luck to you smile any symptoms? X

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