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Just out of curiousity.....

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WhereDoIGo Sat 04-Aug-07 22:51:26

Has anyone with 2 children been referred by their GP after suffering fertility problems?
I did (long story) but i seem to have shocked some people as it seems as though i have 2 dc so that should be enough. And tbh made me feel greedy to want another one

floopowder Sun 05-Aug-07 01:30:40

Sod them, they are not you. If you had 9 kids and wanted another one I would be a bit is she crackers, but wanting three thats a nice number. I had no probs concieving dd but needed a little help with ds four years later.

WhereDoIGo Sun 05-Aug-07 16:57:28

thank you
Just giving a little bump

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