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First response test, very faint line. Urgent!

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mandybagpuss Tue 24-Jul-07 15:38:07

Hello all, I am very confused, I bought a first response test today, after taking the test and waiting 5 mins or so I saw that it read as a negative result, when I was chucking the test in the bin I noticed in the bright sunshine that in the area where the positive line appears there was a very very faint pink tiny line, not a whole line just a bit, anyone knows what this means? Cheers x

lissie Tue 24-Jul-07 15:39:54

sounds like a bfn to me, sorry! how long after you'd wee'd did it arrive?

SydneyB Tue 24-Jul-07 15:44:26

You're supposed to chuck em a certain amount of time after you've done the test. I'd assume that was a negative but hey, if you're not sure why not wait a couple of days and try again. If you're pregnant the line should bing up pretty much straight away. Good luck

Thinking Tue 24-Jul-07 15:48:20

If the line appeared outside the time stated on the leaflet, the test is not valid. But if the line appeared in the right time frame..congratulations

Here are some other FRER tests for you too compare your test too.

Maybe wait a couple of days to let the hormones build up and test again with a digital ?

deweydell Tue 24-Jul-07 19:39:37

This is what happened to me exactly. I was throwing the test away about two hours after doing it and saw a faint line. The next morning the test was negative but the following evening another positive. (I did a weird amount of tests). I was pregnant! However hard it is, you have to wait until tomorrow and see. Good luck!

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