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Several chemical pregnancies now - do I just stop testing so early?!

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Coffeeandcake1 Sun 02-Jun-19 11:20:40

We have been ttc #2 since October, and I have had an early miscarriage and this looks like my third chemical pregnancy (im 13dpo, af due Tues), I tested early at 9dpo this month and got faint line which got a bit darker over the last few days but today is almost gone, again sad.
Has anyone else had experience of multiple chemical pregnancies/early miscarriage?
I did speak to a doctor but they were very dismissive as its not been over a year of trying and that it could be normal part of ttc.
Should I just stop testing so early and wait for af to be late so Im not aware of the cp or is it better to know in case there are tests that could be done if this continues?
Is this normal when ttc??!

mumof1hants Sun 02-Jun-19 12:53:32

My friend had 5 chemicals over about 12 months. The doctor told her to stop testing early because she was getting g herself in a state and probably would've been none the wiser if she hadn't have done the tests. She ignored the advice and did eventually have a successful pregnancy. I guess it's up to you if you'd rather know? X

Queenoftheashes Sun 02-Jun-19 13:00:49

but doesn’t it get looked into it you have three? Without knowing surely you don’t know that this keeps happening. Or do chemicals not get investigated no matter how many you have ?

Newbie21 Sun 02-Jun-19 13:14:03

@Queenoftheashes last year I had 3 MCs - one of which, I took a test on day AF was due, then a week later had an MC. The other MCs were quite a bit later. That early MC or CP did still count and I got a referral but AF was late. I'm not sure it counts if AF isn't late.

@Coffeeandcake1 I do think that it's best not to keep testing so early. It will be causing your body stress isn't good for you on the TTC journey. I know it is so hard but I decided to only test when I was a week overdue.

strawberrye Sun 02-Jun-19 13:18:59

So sorry to hear of your losses, I have found chemical pregnancies to feel like you are in the grey area between subfertility and miscarriage.
I have been TTC #1 for 20 months now and have had three chemical pregnancies in that time. I don't have completely the same experience as you as I always test when AF is late, have positive tests (usually fairly faint) which get fainter over a few days and then start to bleed 4-6 days after AF is due. I have been seen in my local recurrent miscarriage clinic who were not really that interested due to my age (28, started trying age 26) but I am waiting for my appointment to be seen at one of the Tommy's centres this month and hoping they will be more compassionate and helpful.

Pastnowfuture Sun 02-Jun-19 20:35:59

I don't know much as just starting my ttc journey but when does it stop being a chemical pregnancy and become just a normal pregnancy?

flumpybear Sun 02-Jun-19 20:37:55

Big hugs - it's so very common. Try high folic acid and test later. I used agnus castus which I found was good - bear with it you'll get there 😉

strawberrye Sun 02-Jun-19 20:38:19

@Pastnowfuture a chemical pregnancy is one that is confirmed with urine or blood hCG i.e. the chemical for pregnancy, but is not confirmed on ultrasound, so can be anything up to around 6 weeks.

SleepingStandingUp Sun 02-Jun-19 20:45:09

I'm sorry you're going through this Coffee, but agree with Newbie. I'd only test once you're a few days late, that way it's a period a day or so late rather than another loss, which must be so hard on your heart and your stress levels. Good luck

Newbie21 Sun 02-Jun-19 23:10:28

@Pastnowfuture I'm not entirely sure but I think a CP is when it doesn't implant properly whereas an MC is following implantation.

Thumbellini Mon 03-Jun-19 00:02:52

You poor thing, you need to go get some tests done. Recurrent chemicals are a sign of implantation issues which can be helped with blood thinners like low dose aspirin or something else once you get a BFP. In my experience I have been taken seriously but I know that not everyone does so hold your own. I had a supportive GP (can sadly be rare) but my consultants didn't dismiss me at all. you should be able to get the blood panel done on the NHS now. Also get your thyroid checked out. Good luck! Xx

KnitKitty Mon 03-Jun-19 07:58:51

@Coffeeandcake1 just because they're chemicals doesn't mean they're not MCs; it's just that they're happening very early on. Yes, CPs can be quite common and one or two might mean nothing; but if it's happening recurrently it might be an indicator that something isn't quite right and you are within your rights to ask for tests. Last year I had a MMC and 3 CPs in the space of 10 months. The last one I had I decided not to test, but I just knew I was pregnant and when my period came two days late I really freaked out and ended up testing then anyway, lo and behold it was a positive test, but I was losing yet another one. Not testing isn't always that easy.

I got sent to RMC (who didn't bat an eye-lid and just wrote down the losses as between 4-5 weeks) and I had treatment for prolactinaemia and given progesterone to take during next pregnancy.

I found out I was pregnant 3 days before my last period was due and have made it to 5 weeks this time, and so far have gone the longest of any of my pregnancies without bleeding. We'll see if it sticks (I'm not counting my chickens yet); but my advice is that you tend to have a gut instinct if you think something might be wrong. Listen to yourself.

RedPandaFluff Mon 03-Jun-19 08:06:38

I think there are two factors at play - emotional, where it may be the case that not knowing is better, and physical, where knowledge is power.

I wanted to know why it was happening so I could fix it - as a PP said, there are fairly easy things that you can do to help implantation and very early development (low-dose aspirin, prednisone in case of immune issues etc.) My situation was a little different though - IVF.

I'd definitely see a fertility consultant if you can, @Coffeeandcake1 - good luck 💐

Pastnowfuture Mon 03-Jun-19 08:53:21

@strawberrye @newbie21 thsnk you for answering my question. Its really helpful.

@coffeeandcake1 i don't have any wotds of advice but good luck flowers

Coffeeandcake1 Mon 03-Jun-19 09:18:13

Thank you all so much for sharing your experience and advice. It has definitely helped me decide that I will give it another month but then should probably raise again with a (different!) doctor and/or try to find a fertility consultant rather than just keep waiting. We conceived on the first month of ttc with our first (this is why the first doctor said not to worry) but since then Ive had a c-section and am a bit older so have been thinking these may be affecting conception too x

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