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Q about FRER! Please Help :)

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Seli3025 Sat 01-Jun-19 06:13:29

Hey all, Tested at 12dpo day b4 AF due (according to fertility app) and got a BFN! AF due today and so far no sign. As FRER is sensitive early response "6 days before AF" do you think BFN is the answer? Or do I still have hope?

Has anyone else on here gotten a BFN on a FRER a day before or on AF due date and then received a BFP a few days later?

As it's early response I'm thinking surely it would have been a BFP by now if I was? I have another one, so just waiting for AF now and if she doesn't arrive by Monday I'll re test!

Just interested in anyone else's similar experiences smilethanks

Happy weekend all hope it's sunny where you are! ☀️

wellthisisshitisntit Sat 01-Jun-19 06:16:52

I did a FRER on Tuesday, 2 days after AF due and it was negative, still no AF yesterday so 5 days late and did another FRER and it was positive !

I have everything crossed for you smile

Seli3025 Sat 01-Jun-19 06:20:04

😁😁😁🎉🎉🎉 congratulations! That's amazing news all the best for you and DC.

That's filled me up with hope! Now AF to bugger off 😂

Thanks for sharing your experience! Happy weekend 😁

wellthisisshitisntit Sat 01-Jun-19 06:22:06

@Seli3025 thank you !

It was ridiculously unexpected - I genuinely thought it hadn't happened this month ....

Been trying since March and had every symptom going but this cycle I've had no symptoms so just assumed it wasn't going to happen

I'm so happy, now just waiting the dreaded sickness to start

I have everything crossed for you xx

Seli3025 Sat 01-Jun-19 08:29:03

@wellthisisshitisntit that's great that it hasn't taken you that long! This is our first month TTC, so I know we have many more opportunities to come! I'll try to relax a little bit more next month if it doesn't happen this time round.

Happy for you and hope you have a smooth pregnancy! Is this your first?

Thank yousmile

DeadDoorpost Sat 01-Jun-19 08:30:23

Did an early response the day before AF due, nada.
Cheap test 4 days late and a clear positive.

Seli3025 Sat 01-Jun-19 08:36:36

@DeadDoorpost fab news! Are you currently expecting? That's keeping my hopes up indeed!!

However cervix seems quite low, so I reckon AF is looming! 😫

DeadDoorpost Sat 01-Jun-19 08:37:56

Yeah, I'm due in Sept. We found out just before NYE. AF was due Christmas day. Best present for me as I hate periods.
Hate being pregnant though. Much prefer labour

Seli3025 Sat 01-Jun-19 08:44:21

Congrats! How exciting what a lovely Xmas/NY present! It's great to hear everyone's opinions on PG and labour! Ive not experienced either of those yet but the thought of labour frightens me 😂

Ginfizz90 Sat 01-Jun-19 09:40:32

I’m in a similar position, AF due today and no sign yet! Having lots of symptoms (of course) I’m sure our bodies play tricks on us.
Boobs incredibly sore and have been for a week which isn’t usual for me usually I get that a day or two before AF.
I also had some light pink and brown spotting from 5dpo-10dpo every other day more or less. I’ve never spotted after ovulation and have been off the pill for three years. Surely spotting that many times isn’t a good sign?

I tested yesterday and and today on cheap Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s tests but almost certain they were evaps, both blue dye tests! Wish I hadn’t wasted my money and threw straight in the bin as my husband didn’t see anything.

I’m going to grab a FRER today but feeling nervous that if that’s negative I’m definitely out.

It’s our first month trying too, we were on holiday for 11 days over my fertile window, didn’t want to start on the ovulation tests this early on but definitely had ewcm cd 10-14.

wellthisisshitisntit Sat 01-Jun-19 09:51:27

@Seli3025 I know exactly what you mean, I was tracking everything to start with and when I got my last period I just thought sod it im not checking any apps or tracking and just forget about it .... yes I was acting like a toddler because I wasn't getting my own way and now I actually am !

My partner wants to go and buy something baby related today, can't believe it's real.

This will be my third, however my DC2 is 10 today so quite a gap, I've had two MMC since I've had him so I'm a little anxious but trying to keep positive

I hope you get your bfp !! X

Seli3025 Sat 01-Jun-19 10:33:15

Hey!! Gosh it's frustrating isn't it?!?

When you say spotting was it tiny spots or lots of blood? I would say 5ish days of very light spotting could be implantation? Maybe? 🤷🏻‍♀️

You think they were Evaps? Did lines show though?? I'd deffo test on FRER today and do let us know how you get on or if you need eyes to check! Remember don't give up until AF comes! Are your periods regular?

All the best 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼if not it's your first month so don't fret some people take years for their 1st you still have many opportunities to go (that's what I'm telling myself) plus a little bit of me is excited to just keep trying and getting that surprise one day 😁😁

Seli3025 Sat 01-Jun-19 10:33:57

Last message was for @Ginfizz90 forgot to tag you!

Seli3025 Sat 01-Jun-19 10:36:17

@wellthisisshitisntit haha I can relate! I'm obsessed with my apps atm I need to chill! However, they have (plus mumsnet talking to you guys) educated me one so much so I'm very thankful! Next month I'll try my hardest not to get obsessed and relax as I'm sure it's doing me no good!

Happy baby shopping! I'm staying positive for you to! 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

Thank you! 😁

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