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Possible to be pregnant? Spotting but feeling off?

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Yougottabekittenme Thu 30-May-19 17:32:32

Hi all!! Hoping you wise woman can help me as I have no one in real life to ask for advice!
We are planning to TTC next month however have stopped using contraception at the start of this month and using the pull out method and if it happens it happens!!
I ovulated on the 4th of this month and we DTD on that day and the days around it. I got some spotting and some light bleeding (sorry TMI) on the 15th so within two weeks, but it was much lighter than usual and only lasted a couple of days (I’m usually a full 7 days). The past few days I’ve been feeling really queasy and extremely tired! However I’ve a bit of a sore throat so maybe I have a cold?!
With all this information Is there any possibility I could be pregnant? I’ve heard of spotting but I’m not sure if that covers a few days! Or I’m just talking myself into being pregnant because I want to be!!! Would prefer not to test if there really is no chance I can be pregnant but obviously don’t want to wait until my next period to see if I miss that either!
Hope you can advise! I can’t stop thinking about it!!

itwasalovelydreamwhileitlasted Thu 30-May-19 17:48:16

Yes you've had unprotected sex in your fertile period - without wanting to sound harsh take a blooming test! (And good luck!)

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