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When did you get BFP

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Daydreamer71 Wed 29-May-19 10:42:50

Guess I'm just looking for assurance that you're really not 'out' until af shows. Expecting af Sunday. My cycles are between 30-33 days, and I'm currently 11 DPO.

Having all sorts of symptoms that I never get at this time of the month, which I won't you bore you with, and generally just have a 'feeling'. Getting BFNs every morning so far though.

Thank you!

Wishtobeamamma Wed 29-May-19 10:52:37

Have you tried using a FRER? They can detect up to 6 days before AF is due if I remember correctly

Daydreamer71 Wed 29-May-19 10:53:49

@Wishtobeamamma yep they're the only tests I use

tisonlymeagain Wed 29-May-19 13:07:33

Got a faint light at 9dpo - a real squinter and it was with an evening wee. Next day did a FRER with FMU and a clear BFP at 10dpo. Came up as pregnant on ClearBlue digital at 11dpo which I was surprised at as everyone says they are not very sensitive!

HayleyD84 Wed 29-May-19 13:21:27

@Daydreamer71 I know your frustration, I'm currently 13dpo and 1 day late for AF and everyday since 7dpo all BFN :-( i have never been late before. am so confused??

backache the last few days and today really bad cramps which come and go, I had this with my son so i'm really hoping this is it confused

ive ordered some sensitive 10miu tests so will be doing them hopefully they will show something as this is driving me crazy!!

Addicted89 Wed 29-May-19 20:00:32

I didn’t have get a positive on FRER until 14 dpo. Unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage, but I never test before 14 days now to avoid unnecessary disappointment.

neversleepagain Wed 29-May-19 20:03:30

9dpo, was twins.

Daydreamer71 Thu 30-May-19 07:25:50

@HayleyD84 it's so confusing isn't it sad just had another bfn this morning. I'm just torturing myself by keeping testing!!

Did af show for you? Have you tested again?

HayleyD84 Thu 30-May-19 08:49:27

Hi @Daydreamer71 I tested again this morning and BFN :-( i'm now 2 days late for AF I just don't get it???

Trouble is, i'm going away tomorrow for a Hen weekend, I have no idea weather to drink or not if AF doesn't arrive? :-(

Bet it's hard for you having a long cycle of 30-33 days having to wait longer :-(

Daydreamer71 Thu 30-May-19 09:21:47

@HayleyD84 it's so strange isn't it. I'm no expert so can't give you any advice but if it were me personally I'd enjoy the hen do - probably wouldn't go mad on the drink, but I would definitely enjoy myself and have a few.

The wait really is awful. Told myself I wouldn't be like this this cycle but hey ho! I'm going to try and hold off testing again until Sunday now. Feeling quite down today about it all 😤

HayleyD84 Thu 30-May-19 10:00:56

@Daydreamer71 AF has just arrived for me :-( so i'm out this month.

I was so sure too, it is so cruel! I do think the stress has contributed to me being late :-(

I'm going to stop using OPK's for a while and give myself a break, if it happens it happens, I can't take the stress anymore it has really took its toll on me :-(

HayleyD84 Thu 30-May-19 10:01:41

@Daydreamer71 Good luck hopefully this will be your month smile xxx

Daydreamer71 Fri 31-May-19 13:49:34

@HayleyD84 sorry to hear about af! Our body's are so cruel! But hey least you can fill enioy the hen and let your hair down knowing everything's fine!

I'm having a bad day today. Everyone at work is getting to me and I've just had enough. I didn't test this morning as I couldn't face it but I will tomorrow. Just feeling super sad and emotional and last night my husband was equally as grumpy which didn't help. I never realised ttc would be so emotional and draining!!

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