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Weird smell/taste

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Mooey89 Wed 22-May-19 16:44:44

Just started the TWW and only 2DPO.
I have the most awful smell/taste in my mouth.
It is exactly the same as when i was pregnant with my son.

BUT I know absolutely there’s no way I would be having symptoms this early!
Help keep me sane in my TWW 🤦‍♀️

Mooey89 Fri 24-May-19 11:40:36

To add to my crazy symptom spotting, I did an Ov test last night, which was positive?!
Last positive OV test was on Sunday?!

Novasky1 Fri 24-May-19 12:23:13

Hey, didnt want to read and run, a positive OPK just indicates that ovulation is due, sometimes the body might not think you're ready so will hold off, have another surge and actually ovulate later, might be the case here? I would DTD just to be sure!

keeponsmiling2019 Fri 24-May-19 12:34:23

Hi Mooey. Since I came of the pill in Nov I have been very sensitive to smells, I've had the metallic taste in my mouth and other random tastes as well as a dry mouth etc, every single month. I read that it's mainly due to hormonal fluctuations of progesterone and estrogen which happen naturally during your cycle. Good luck though, I hope you get your BFP soon.

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