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Am I seeing things?

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Tableclothing Fri 17-May-19 06:01:40

1 day late... If this is a bfp I'll be a ftm, but I honestly don't know if I'm imagining it. Please lend me your line eyes!

KOBr Fri 17-May-19 06:06:44

I can see it!

Shutuptodd Fri 17-May-19 06:09:42

I can see it. Whwts an ftm?

Shutuptodd Fri 17-May-19 06:10:30

Oh hang on just work edit out. Congratulations by the way flowers

Calixtine Fri 17-May-19 06:11:23

Yep, congratulations! flowers

Tableclothing Fri 17-May-19 06:25:48

Thank you everyone! I'm trying not to get too excited this early, but it is so hard!

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