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21 day cycle TTC

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MummyShelly1985 Tue 14-May-19 14:00:27

2nd month of TTC but I have a 21 day cycle that occasionally likes to throw in a random 28 day cycle. I already have a 7 year old with my ex husband but I had come off the implant when TTC her so my AF was everywhere, 1 every 2 weeks then nothing for almost 2 months.
Last month I was 3 days late. This month I am 4 days & still no sign. I normally get rather bad cramps & a break out, this time I only had a tiny bit of cramps just before AF was due & thank god no break out lol. I have also been nauseous the last 3 mornings but not sick. I did a test on the afternoon of my missed AF which was negative & one the next morning also negative.
I really really want to go get another test today but don’t want to get my hopes up to much or spend unnecessarily on tests. Anyone else have any experience with TTC with a short cycle most advice is aimed at standard 28 day cycle & should I test again yet?

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