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Really faint bfps but I just don't believe it.

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IndependentHero Fri 10-May-19 11:12:49

Hi everyone. I have 2 DD but have had 3 MMC in the past. DH and I are not actively TTC but I have felt really broody recently so we have been less careful. I am 13dpo and have very very faint positives on ICs. I have always had early strong bfps and usually have a gut instinct that I am pregnant bit this just doesn't seem real to me. Maybe I am in denial. I'm almost 33 and my health has been terrible for over a year. I am excited but terrified. Not sure what I'm trying to say but wanted to reach out. It's a while since I was on here as my youngest will be 3 soon. If my ICs are faint would a CBD be a silly idea at this point? I just want to know one way ir another. I also just need to vent and chat. Thanks so much x

Kinsters Fri 10-May-19 11:29:15

I think it depends on the ICs, whenever I've had a faint line on my ICs it's always shown up on a digital so maybe give it a go!

IndependentHero Fri 10-May-19 11:50:55

Really? Oh that is a game changer! Lol I'm just so used to them looking a little stronger at this point and worry that I will be wasting precious cash (and wee grin) at this point. Maybe my hcg is much smaller, implanted later etc. I am so tempted but would really hate to see a bfn. ICs have been hot or miss for me over the years too. Confused and hormonal. Thanks for your reply! DH is keep for a CBD at this point too but don't want to do it prematurely. AF isn't due until tomorrow but my cycles are between 28-34 days.

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