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Anyone got pregnant with an coil fitted?

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Cornish83 Tue 30-Apr-19 15:48:53

I have the IUD coil fitted and have had stomach cramps and heavy bleeding for a few months, the doctor couldn’t explain it and had booked me in for blood tests and an mri scan, anyway this morning I had a sudden urge to do a pregnancy test in fact I did 2 and they are both positive! A bit of a shock as we have a 1 and a 3 year old but I’m sure we’ll cope, I just wonder if all the heavy bleeding over the last few months could mean we’ve lost baby. I’ve just called the dr who said a nurse will call me towards the end of the week- it’s only Tuesday!
So I just wondered if anyone else has been the 1% that get pregnant with the IUD and did everything work out. Or if anyone has any advice.

dementedpixie Tue 30-Apr-19 15:51:48

Is it a copper coil or the mirena? Mirena is more dangerous to leave in place if you are pregnant

Knitclubchatter Tue 30-Apr-19 16:08:20

Yes, DS conceived with my copper IUD in place. It was easily removed the same day as my positive pregnancy test result. Healthy full term BB.

Cornish83 Tue 30-Apr-19 16:21:27

It’s the non hormonal copper coil

Knitclubchatter Tue 30-Apr-19 17:54:06


Shutityoutart Tue 30-Apr-19 18:00:09

If the bleeding was very heavy it’s possible the coil came out.

NikolaPiccola Tue 30-Apr-19 20:17:14

Is there a sexual health clinic available? Where I live we have one and if you need an examination or if you find yourself pregnant with it, they take it out on the spot, no faffing about needed. In my opinion, waiting for it is quite dangerous!

MrsSB99 Tue 30-Apr-19 20:22:47

I had non hormonal one, woman says see you in 10 years, 8 months later I was back, pregnant. I lost the baby unfortunately. Coil was removed with difficulty and miscarriage followed. I would try and get to a clinic if you can I went straight to my local one

Husband sent for snip, job done.

RussellSprout Tue 30-Apr-19 20:23:29

My mum conceived my brother with her coil in back in the 70s.

They left it in in those days.

Both were fine!

NewYoiker Wed 01-May-19 02:10:04

I looked after a lady on my maternity placement as a student nurse who got pregnant whilst on the coil. It came out with placenta.

My midwife mentor said she had delivered babies who have been born holding the coil.. how true that is I don't know!

Cornish83 Wed 01-May-19 07:02:26

I’m fairly sure I have lost the baby as the bleeding and cramping still persists, just need it confirmed now so I can accept it. Thanks for all the replies it’s been a roller coaster of emotions from not intentionally getting pregnant to coming round to the idea of having another and now probably not. But I’ll post back when I find out for sure!

celebrityskin Wed 01-May-19 07:11:54

Do you have an early pregnancy assessment unit nearby? I'd self refer there. You need a scan and the coil removed ASAP if it's a viable pregnancy. The pain and bleeding could be because the coil has moved down too low to be effective hence the pregnancy too.

celebrityskin Wed 01-May-19 07:12:36

Bloomburger Wed 01-May-19 07:16:25

I have a 6 foot two 14 year old who was conceived whilst I had a Mirena cool in.

Ribeebie Wed 01-May-19 07:16:53

Hi OP sorry to hear how stressful this has been for you. The copper coil is more than 99% effective but like all methods it can fail. Sometimes it can slip or move and lie too low in your womb to act as effective contraception.

The worry of a pregnancy with the coil in situ is it can increase the risk of an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside of the womb). Your GP surgery need to assess you urgently to the local early pregnancy assessment unit or gynae if you don't have an EPAU so they can do an scan to see where the pregnancy is and where the coil is.

You could be right about why you are having bleeding and pain but this can also happen in ectopic pregnancy and should be looked at urgently as you can become very unwell very quickly with an ectopic.

Waiting for a call from the nurse at the end of the week is not really ok, so you need to call your GP surgery today. Tell them your symptoms and that because you have a coil in you're worried about an ectopic pregnancy so need to see/speak the GP urgently to get this checked - you should be seen today.

Sorry to worry you but it's important this is looked at properly for you.

Cornish83 Fri 03-May-19 17:41:24

Hi, just thought I’d come back as promised with an update. It was an ectopic pregnancy. Have had injection treatment and follow up in a few days. At least I know now and can try to move on. Thanks everyone for your advice.

Ribeebie Fri 03-May-19 18:07:21

I'm sorry to her that OP. Hope you feel better soon, I'm glad you got seen and checked out. thanks

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