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Bbt question

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BBaby30 Thu 25-Apr-19 09:57:05

Hi, does anyone know why my temps have gone down so dramatically? I've also got loads of thick ewcm today too sorry tmi

The conditions at night haven't changed. I'm currently taking my temp orally

BBaby30 Thu 25-Apr-19 09:57:47

Would help if I add my chart lol

Kinsters Thu 25-Apr-19 10:04:57

Hmm looking at your chart I'm not sure you've ovulated yet. Is there any reason your temp might have been higher on that one day? Like drinking the night before or disturbed sleep etc?

If you've got loads of EWCM you might be about to ovulate!

Kinsters Thu 25-Apr-19 10:06:05

I often find my temperature drops lower and stops spiking around just before I ovulate.

BBaby30 Thu 25-Apr-19 10:08:06

Yes that really high temp was the morning after I had had a couple of gin's at a bbq. I wasnt sure whether to disregard the temp or not so left it

Kinsters Thu 25-Apr-19 11:24:46

I'd discard it if I were you. If you do that then does it change your chart and say you didn't actually ovulate yet? I had to discard some post drinking temps this cycle otherwise it put ovulation at CD10 which just didn't fit with other temps and signs.

Hope you ovulate soon!

BBaby30 Thu 25-Apr-19 11:30:12

Just discarded it and Yes it has

NaughtyLittlePassport Thu 25-Apr-19 11:32:09

Are you trying opks as well?

BBaby30 Thu 25-Apr-19 12:56:44

I do have some at home I'll try one when I get home and for the next few days x

BBaby30 Fri 26-Apr-19 11:02:20

Slight raise today but negative opk

Kinsters Fri 26-Apr-19 11:26:49

Do you normally have quite long cycles?

BBaby30 Fri 26-Apr-19 11:39:37

My last was 154 :-(

Kinsters Fri 26-Apr-19 11:41:24

Oh that's so long, that sucks. Have you seen your dr about pcos or anything like that which could be causing you to have such long cycles?

BBaby30 Fri 26-Apr-19 12:08:34

I do have pcos, I've been told I can have clomid but I have to lose weight, 8 lbs to go! I'm still trying and holding out hope I can make it on my own though!

I can't get help with the symptoms of pcos because I can't lose weight but I'm struggling to lose weight because of pcos!

I've lost nearly 2 stone since November, I eat all fresh food and get up and 4am to go to the gym everyday before work. It just moves at a snails pace. I'm nearly 33 I don't want to be mistaken for my first child's granny! Why is this process so heartbreaking?

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