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Positive OPK and EWCM but no BBT spike..

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bettymoo212 Wed 24-Apr-19 08:00:12

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. For a couple of months now, I've had positive OPKs at 21 days and lots of EWCM at the same time. Periods have been regular, starting on day 31 each month, 2 weeks after the positive OPK. However, I've also been tracking BBT and my temperature has stayed low throughout the whole month.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm worried that I'm gearing up to ovulate but then not actually releasing an egg. However, would the regularity of my periods suggest ovulation is happening?! I've read that a very small minority of women never see a temperature rise after ovulation. Has anyone experienced that?

BaweB Wed 24-Apr-19 08:14:51

I don't know, I'm sorry. I always had a rise (sometimes gradual, sometimes immediate). BBT tracking is a bit fiddly so could it be that you're not getting regular amounts of sleep? I agree that everything suggests that you're ovulating except that but I have also read that BBT is the most reliable confirmation of ovulation. All in all, I'd keep checking for a couple of months and then maybe see the doc? Also you could think about using an app (I used Natural Cycles and really liked it) which will use an algorithm to confirm ovulation - sometimes it's hard to spot so you could try that? Good luck xxx

bettymoo212 Wed 24-Apr-19 09:26:39

Thanks for your reply! I’m already using 3 different apps (overkill I know!) and they all indicate that ovulation will happen around day 21. So everything is lining up except the BBT. Do you mind me asking, when you had a gradual rise, how gradual was it? Did it rise over a couple of days or even more than that?

BaweB Wed 24-Apr-19 10:01:48

Are you using an app which actually works out when you've ovulated from your temp? I used Clue originally which was useless and always got my ovulation wrong but Natural Cycles (I sound like I'm working for them!) works out your ovulation retrospectively by processing your temps. My slight raises were over a couple of days I think. The month I got pregnant, I ovulated and then had a tiny little rise (but so tiny that it could've been a normal fluctuation) and it took about 3 days for me to get over 98. That wasn't totally normal for me actually so it also goes to show that it can change on a monthly basis. A regular cycle (mine was 28 days) is an excellent, positive sign. EWCM I didn't really know about as I felt like I never had it really (always more watery) but it obviously wasn't an issue. How long have you been trying?xx

bettymoo212 Wed 24-Apr-19 10:14:14

Thank you, it’s really helpful to hear other people’s experiences. Yes, I use the Femometer app, which uploads the data from the thermometer automatically and puts it in a graph for you. So far though, my graph is completely flat! I’ve been trying for 11 months now xx

BaweB Wed 24-Apr-19 10:26:50

Is it flat every month? I am obviously not a professional but if it's flat again next month then it's probably worth just getting it checked out - I'm sure there's hormonal blood tests that can be done to confirm ovulation.

Catconfusion Wed 24-Apr-19 10:35:37

@bettymoo212 I'm sorry you're going through this. It's sounds like your cycles are anovulatory. Go to the doctors and ask for a day 21 progesterone test to confirm. There's no point going through the stress of ttc if you're not ovulating. Don't worry though the doctor might be able to prescribe you something to trigger it. Good luck! Xx

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