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Wanting 2nd baby

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Lozxx Sun 21-Apr-19 17:55:47

I need some advice, I have a 2 year old and we've been trying for a year for another baby. It took so long with our first and I just wondered if there is anything I can do to help? The age gap would be perfect but I get down every time I bleed😔

crazychemist Wed 24-Apr-19 07:23:45

Hi @Lozxx, come join us on the ttc#2 thread smile. We’re lovely, honest! Lots of advice going round

Catren Wed 24-Apr-19 08:00:02

Hi loz, after a year you should pop to the gp for tests. Most likely they will only offer hormonal blood tests, as you've already got a child they probably won't offer anything further (amh test, scans etc.). If that's the case I'd suggest going privately if you can afford it to get the full raft of tests.

What happened with ttc your first child? Did you have any fertility support?

I conceived my first dc easily but then took 3 years to conceive dc2 (only 15w pregnant) and that was via ivf. My problem was an immune system issue plus a growth in my uterus and endometriosis not helping. I had to go privately for help and thank goodness i did.

I really hope you get the help you need, secondary infertility (12+ months ttc #2) is hard. 💐

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