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Advice needed - ovulation after MMC

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ikphillips Tue 16-Apr-19 14:24:08

Four weeks ago I had an ERPC as we found out I'd had a missed miscarriage at 10+5. I spotted for a very short number of days afterwards and got a negative HPT 7 days after the ERPC.
14 days after the neg HPT I had EWCM for 2 days or so and DTD accordingly but have been getting negative Clear Blue OPKs from the time of negative HPT. About 6 days ago I started getting a bit antsy so moved to the CB advanced and have had 'high' fertility for 6 days straight, ie flashing smileys. I now have NO CM at all (Sorry TMI!) and am wondering if I have missed ovulation on the regular OPKs and the advanced OPKs are picking up the secondary Estrogen surge?!
I know people will say wait a cycle and it might be all out of whack after the ERPC but I suppose I'm wondering if it's possible to have ov'd so soon after the ERPC, missed it on the OPK and now be waiting for AF? Pre MMC I had fairly regular cycles, ov on day 15 and conceived no.1 fairly easily.
Driving myself and DH mad with my wondering...! TIA X

Loti92 Tue 16-Apr-19 17:03:31

Sorry about your nmc.
I might not be much help here as I don’t do any of the ovulation tests so don’t really know about them?

I had miscarriage at the end of January. And it took just over 6 weeks for my period to return.

So I’m guessing that their may be a chance that you are ovulation now?
Iv just had my 2 period since mc and my body still hasn’t gone back to being how it was before. So anything is possible.

Good luck

ikphillips Tue 16-Apr-19 17:32:37

Thanks @Loti92 and sorry to hear of your loss too. Interesting to hear how long it took for your AF to return. Do you mind me asking how far along were you when you miscarried? X

Loti92 Tue 16-Apr-19 17:44:14

I was 8 weeks when I miscarried.

ikphillips Tue 16-Apr-19 18:22:43

Thanks @Loti92. Just hoping things get back to normal with me soon...

ikphillips Tue 16-Apr-19 18:25:38

sorry should add DTD even though OPK was negative, and had been negative or high fertility since...

MrsEG Tue 16-Apr-19 18:27:21

Hi lovely, sorry for your loss. I had a MMC at 10 weeks at the end of Jan and my period has only just come back. It can take a good few weeks for everything to get back to normal after a D&C (I had this also) so as frustrating as it is, things may just be all over the place for a while. I waited for AF to come back before thinking about trying again for that very reason as second guessing my body was driving me crazy! Good luck to you when you try again xx

Claire78564 Tue 16-Apr-19 18:32:37

Hi, I’m sorry to hear about your mc. I had one at 5 weeks back in February. I don’t know if my message can give you any comfort but I was told as long as you feel ready you can start at any point to TTC again. You can ovulate as quick as 2 weeks after mc as long as your hcg levels are below 5. I use the OPKs and find them pretty useful. After my miscarriage it took roughly 4 weeks to ovulate but everyone is different. I hope you catch again soon. I’m on my second cycle now and due on this weekend fx it doesn’t come! Hope you are okay xx

ikphillips Tue 16-Apr-19 18:36:52

Thanks @MrsEG I feel like the hospital really hammered in 4-6 weeks for period and then a few things I've seen online says much later for a 'lateish' early MC. Ugh just want to be back to normal! You're totally right about second guessing my body. I just need to chill!

ikphillips Tue 16-Apr-19 18:37:41

And sorry for your loss too @MrsEG, what a crap club we're in 💐

ikphillips Tue 16-Apr-19 18:40:31

@Claire78564 that's what I'd heard and am hopeful of the early ov but reality is that I'll probably have to wait it out since it was a bit later on in the process. I'd reached less than 15 hcg by day 7 as I got a negative hpt but sure it will take a while for my normal hormones to kick back in. Sorry for your loss 💐

Claire78564 Tue 16-Apr-19 19:10:23

Thanks, I’m sorry for yours sad yeah well you never know. I’ve known women lose a baby at 8 weeks and then go on to get pregnant 2 months later. Did they give you any advice on why it had occurred? They told me it was most likely a chromosome issue with the baby. Makes you feel so rubbish knowing you have lost something you really want. I know I don’t really feel very confident in my body but we will look back on this one day when we have our children x

FirstTimeMama91 Tue 16-Apr-19 20:09:13

Hi ladies, sorry for your losses thanks
Bit about me - I'm 28, 1st pregnancy 1st cycle but then had a miscarriage at 7+2. That was almost two weeks ago. We're going to start ttc again this week. I was advised by hospital that once I felt emotionally and physically ready, I could try again. Apparently they tell us to wait until after a cycle just so dates are easier to predict.
Fingers crossed for us all x

Michellebops Tue 16-Apr-19 20:14:45

Sorry for your losses. I had a mmc at 12+ weeks last October.

Had the erpc but still positive tests for 6/7 weeks after.

Period finally returned after 9.5 weeks.

Since then my body is just not returning to "normal"

It will take a while but until then you'll have a new normal.

Good luck to everyone ❤️

Claire78564 Tue 16-Apr-19 20:42:38

It’s a comfort I think to know we are not alone! I have a friend who recently told me she’s prenatal and due when I would of been. She’s pretty much cut me it’s been tough finding someone to speak about how I feel. I hope it all works out for us soon. Life can be so cruel x

FirstTimeMama91 Tue 16-Apr-19 20:52:21

These groups definitely help thanks
Just isn't fair. But onwards and upwards girls. Let's hope we get our wee babies soon x

ikphillips Tue 16-Apr-19 21:06:48

Hi @Claire78564 no real reason here either just one of those things that happens apparently. Doesn't help much! X

ikphillips Tue 16-Apr-19 21:08:09

@FirstTimeMama91 sounds like you're making a good decision for you! I feel like you just know when you're ready to start TTC again.. good luck!

FirstTimeMama91 Tue 16-Apr-19 21:09:24

Thanks @ikphillips same to you x

ikphillips Tue 16-Apr-19 21:09:50

@Michellebops that sounds like a long old slog. I had a friend who had the same, with it taking a long time to get hpt negative. It's so cruel! Hope your body gets back to normal soon.... x

Claire78564 Tue 16-Apr-19 22:07:20

It really does suck! Being told your body did the right thing when you feel like it didn’t is hard! We know we have conceived once so can do it again I guess x

Michellebops Tue 16-Apr-19 22:08:05

Thank you.

I agree, life is cruel. I would have been due this week do extra difficult.

@Claire78564 I also have a friend who told our group chat 2 weeks ago she was 28 weeks pregnant!

Seriously can't even look at her. No need to have hidden it. I find that worse

Claire78564 Tue 16-Apr-19 22:25:47

@michellebops I know that feeling it’s very hard. My prob is why could they have not just said ‘look I’m pregnant I know you have gone through a tough time but I wanted to let you know’ rather than hide it or treat us differently. It made me feel more segregated and alone after what happened. Not acceptable at all x

Michellebops Wed 17-Apr-19 06:31:15

@Claire78564 exactly.

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, 2 of my best friends had given birth 2 weeks before on the same day. Sadly one of them was at 23 weeks and baby didn't survive. As hard as it was for my friend I told her my news before my family as I didn't want her to hear from anyone else. I told her I knew she was grieving and I was there for her no matter what but I understood if she needed to distance herself. She was delighted for me, and yes I didn't hear from her for a while but that was ok and now 4 years on she was the best support for me during the miscarriage.

I'm all for honesty no matter how difficult the subject ❤️

Claire78564 Wed 17-Apr-19 06:42:50

I completely agree. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Sounds like she came through on the other side as best she could though. I think it’s a total lack of respect. I get it that it’s tough. But when my friend told me she acted as if I hadn’t had a miscarriage at all. She would rather pretend it didn’t happen and for her that might be easy but for me, it’s made me question just how much of a friend she really is. X

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