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Soy isoflavones - your advice, tips and experiences please!!

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Doris19 Mon 08-Apr-19 10:50:31

Hi all, after a while of TTC I've recently been referred to a fertility consultant and in the meantime want to try soy isoflavones this cycle...

I'm hoping they will help egg quality and if possible shorten my follicular phase. I'm 37 and cycles are 32-37 days, O is around CD20

Tossing up with quantity and timing, I've read loads online but Cd2-6 or 3-7?? Any tips or experiences welcome please!!! Thanks 😊

Chanel05 Mon 08-Apr-19 10:57:57

I used them one cycle 5-9 and no luck. Second cycle I used them 2-6 with a higher dose and fell pregnant. I believe I did 150,150,150,200,200

Chanel05 Mon 08-Apr-19 10:59:03

I'd like to add to that that I also did tons of things alongside of the soy so I couldn't guarantee it was them that helped!

Doris19 Mon 08-Apr-19 11:05:28

Thanks @Chanel05 😬
What else did you do?!?!

At this point I'm pretty willing to try most things as she really isnt on my side now and I have a history of endometriosis too...doing seven seas vits, opti bac, cut caffeine and fx will get my prolactin levels checked this cycle too.


Chanel05 Mon 08-Apr-19 11:12:18

@Doris19 I took evening primrose oil every day until ovulation, I did digital opks, temped (though I'd been doing opks and temping for 6+ months). I had acupuncture, I cut out yoghurt and cheese (recommended by acupuncturist), ate 5 Brazil nuts every day before ovulation, dtd every other day from af ending and then I dtd the day before and day of ovulation. I think that was it, but that was all the cycle I fell pregnant.

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