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The ups and downs

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Elbie2019 Mon 01-Apr-19 17:39:47

Hi everyone,
I am 30 years old and trying to conceive my first child. This is cycle 3 but it looks highly unlikely now so going into cycle 4. I am using ovulation tests and getting around 4 days high fertility before 2 days peak fertility. I’ve been off the Mini Pill for 18 months due to it not agreeing with me.

I know it’s easy for the mind to play tricks on you but I’ve had undeniably sore boobs for the past couple of weeks. Really quite painful at times! This is unusual for me. I normally get them for a couple of days before coming on but that’s all.

Anyway, I am using Flo to track my cycle. It tracks on a 26 day cycle for me but the past few cycles have been 26, 28 and 31 days. I decided to wait until this morning to do a First Response. According to my app and OPK, that’s around 12/13 days past ovulation. I’m currently down as being 3 days before my period (based on 26 days). It was negative. The disappointment hit, as always, but I try not to get too down as I know lots of people try for much longer and up to a year is normal. I just find the sore boobs thing such a coincidence. I find it hard to believe First Response could ever be wrong when it’s so sensitive (albeit I know they’re a bit notorious for evap lines in some cases).
What’s the common opinion? Surely something would have showed up this far past ovulation?

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