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vvmummy Thu 28-Mar-19 08:13:22

I just need a second opinion really. Is this a positive opk? I think it is x

sazzle3 Thu 28-Mar-19 08:16:16

Not yet as the faint line needs to be as dark as the other line but it's almost there is test again later today and hopefully it will be positive XX

McHelenz Thu 28-Mar-19 10:35:55

See I think it looks positive? If you use Glow app you can take a picture and it will analyse it X

vvmummy Thu 28-Mar-19 10:52:27

Really?? I will down load that app! I did another one. Will attach pic. Top one is the one from earlier so its dry and the bottom one was done about 20 mins ago.

StarlightIntheNight Thu 28-Mar-19 10:53:56

Looks positive to me. I have never had a really dark line on one of these. Confused bought clear blue, which is much easier to read.

vvmummy Thu 28-Mar-19 11:10:50

I used the glow app. I'm no further forward lol! It was either coming up as positive or the last negative step before positive. I think it's safe to assume that I'll ovulate of next couple of days. Well fingers crossed anyway!
I normally use a cb fertility monitor but my cycles are so unpredictable and long that it wont register such a long cycle confused xxx

McHelenz Thu 28-Mar-19 11:21:45

I think they're positive lovely. I've started with clearblues just to get that nice smiley face haha.

vvmummy Thu 28-Mar-19 16:23:18

Definitely positive now grin

vvmummy Thu 28-Mar-19 16:23:49

Forgot pic

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