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2 day cycle, spotting from CD9

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susan198130 Sun 24-Mar-19 19:49:09

I'm not strictly TTC, more not trying/not preventing, but this cycle has been really weird and I wondered if any of you have had a cycle like this.

My period is always 5 days long, generally with a cycle of around 26 days, sometimes slightly shorter, but this cycle, my period only lasted 2 days. I've never had a period that short. I did a pregnancy test, and it was negative. I did another yesterday (I'm on CD11) and negative, so definitely not pregnant, but basically this is how this cycle has been:

CD1 and CD2: Period

CD 6: I had strong cramps, like ovulation cramps (but it could possibly have been IBS as I think I possibly suffer from that)

CD 9 until today (CD 11): Spotting. I also have really sore swollen boobs.

My smears are up to date, not due my next one until this time next year. I do have cervical ectropion/erosion, but it's never really affected me. My temperature is up as well, so if I have ovulated this cycle, I'm pretty sure it's already happened.

Has anyone ever experienced a cycle like this?

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