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TTC first baby - thread 15

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starkid Thu 21-Mar-19 11:30:39

Hi everyone, looks like it's time for a new thread! Thread 14 was lucky for some, so here's to lots more BFP's smile

@Jessikka 28 Cycle 3
@starkid 29 Cycle 7
@MrsAW2018 24 Cycle 10
@TTC34 34 Cycle 3
@19Bee2 27 Cycle 2
@MrsH497 32 Cycle 4
@MrsR16 26 Cycle 9
@Lola871 31 Cycle 2
@ValidUser 28 Cycle 7
@DayDreamer1707 28 Cycle 5
@Flapjackered 31 Cycle 9
@DuchessofPemberley 32 Cycle 7
@KittieKath 34 Cycle 6
@KatBeCool 40 Cycle 10
@MrsMcNtobe Cycle 6
@BabySquid 29 Cycle 11
@PeacockingAbout 29 Cycle 4
@Sleepyquest 28 Cycle 2
@Granddesigns 32 cycle 4
@Pinkfizz19 33 cycle 4
@Catlady31 31 cycle 1
@LikeTheFruit 30 cycle 3
@Jooloo11 32 Cycle 3
@Daisiesandpeonies Cycle 10
@LuckyPenguin 34 Cycle 3
@Lizzie198 30 Cycle 2
@Rachel59pink 26 Cycle 1
@Orangeloo 31 Cycle 3
@Lemonysherbet 30 Cycle 1
@Fuiseog 31 Cycle 2
@NKB88 Cycle 2
@Wildrabbit Cycle 2
@Essjayycee Cycle 1
@Hannah192 Cycle 3
@LoMoon Cycle 6
@Hiddenfigure Cycle 1
@Jc88146 Cycle 18
@Kay98 Cycle 16
@Lottiepink 29 Cycle 12
@Bec18x Cycle 4
@Soda123x 32 Cycle 2
@Aimingfor2019 28 Cycle 3
@Lifesforlivingandloving 32 Cycle 1
@MotherOfShihTzus 33 Cycle 14
@Cupcakesandglitter 23 cycle 10
@Baby01988 30 Cycle 4
@Pinksunset1 28 cycle 3
@TonightJosephine cycle 1
@Toobies1 30 Cycle 5
@Blackfriars Cycle 3
@rosehm 28 Cycle 1
@SophWolf Cycle 1
@Thosethreewords Cycle 3
@Smitch82 37 Cycle 1
@Fivebyfive2 30 Cycle 8

Graduates thread -

Sorry if I missed anyone, and happy baby-making!

LikeTheFruit Thu 21-Mar-19 11:49:38

Thanks for new thread @starkid

I know how you feel @sunnyL88 and @thosethreewords. I'm currently working on a labour ward and in maternity unit theatres so I'm surrounded by babies and birth all day everyday!

I'm on CD 27 and 9 DPO. Last cycle I started spotting on cd 27 with AF starting on cd28. Though I ov 2 days later this cycle. Have no symptoms whatsoever but dread every time I go to loo as scared there will be spotting.

BabyO1988 Thu 21-Mar-19 11:50:12

Thanks for starting the new thread @starkid

I'll reply to the last one as don't want to ignore people! 😂😂.

@Hannah192 it's going to be a long wait isn't it! Glad we've got each other to keep sane! 😂 I think it's hard to not symptom spot as it creeps in doesn't it! Have you had any symptoms yet? Guess it could be too early to tell.

@starkid keeping everything crossed now! How you getting on?

@DayDreamer1707 good luck finding something... plus take the time to relax a bit too!

@FlapJackered thanks! How far into the tww are you!? Or are you not there yet!? I can't find the info on the last thread. I'm on cd 30 as my cycles are longer so I'm keeping everything crossed!

@PeacockingAbout the stuffy nose could be a good sign though! Keeping everything crossed for you!

@KatBeCool thanks hun. We're going to dtd every day until Sunday now but after that we're going to need to chill out as there's only so much bding you can do😂😂.

Maizie83 Thu 21-Mar-19 11:54:48

Hi all,
New to this! Did a post outside thread, reposting here.

I did BD on March 3 and March 6 after seeing EWCM in the days between (4/5). Really trying to not let mind play tricks, but felt progesteroney, had acid reflux, fatigue straight after ovulation. My period is not late (due tomorrow), no huge symptoms this week but I decided to POAS because was tired of fixating on it. I did a Freedom Pregnancy Strip (cheapskate) and I think it's a positive. It's faint, but can any of you help me out? I feel like I'm either reading into things too much or in denial. confused It's first time TTC and I'm 38.

starkid Thu 21-Mar-19 12:04:07

@BabyO1988 - I'm good thanks, 8dpo today and due Tuesday. Sore sides of boobs and that's it so far!
@DayDreamer1707 - sorry for AF xx
@PeacockingAbout - I'm 10dpo too, cycle buddies! smile might do a cheapie on Monday when 12dpo if I've not had any other AF symptoms before then...!

starkid Thu 21-Mar-19 12:05:20

@PeacockingAbout sorry, I meant 10dpo on Saturday too! Due Monday...

BabyO1988 Thu 21-Mar-19 12:10:46

@starkid good luck to you! Sending lots of baby dust your way! X

SunnyL88 Thu 21-Mar-19 12:38:50

@starkid will you add me please?

Cycle: 9

@Likethefruit I’m cd 27 too, af due tomorrow and dreading the witch arriving 😭

KatBeCool Thu 21-Mar-19 12:45:49

@BabyO1988 oh tell me about too much dtd, by the last time I'm completely over it. DH asks for a schedule days in advance lol.

@Maizie83 looks quite positive to me.

@starkid thanks for the new thread.

@DayDreamer1707 glad AF came without too much delay, stress can definitely affect it. You'll find another job, I'm sure. If one place really liked you, there's another one that will too.

BabyO1988 Thu 21-Mar-19 12:51:09

@KatBeCool I know I'm starting to feel guilty telling DH we need to dtd so much. He doesn't seem to mind but also don't want him to feel the pressure or like he's just being used! 😂😐
By Monday I'm hoping he can chill out a bit though. He's already said I need to think of a way to 'treat him' if we do get out bfp but I know he's only messing 😂😂

MrsR16 Thu 21-Mar-19 13:20:05

Just marking my place ladies! Thanks for the new thread @starkid 😊

DayDreamer1707 Thu 21-Mar-19 13:52:36

Thanks all so much, honestly your all so supportive!! Currently got another possible 3 interviews!! Hopefully I will get some good news and you will all get your BFP very soon. 💕

MrsR16 Thu 21-Mar-19 13:59:18

@DayDreamer1707 I hope so lovely! You deserve it 😊

Lottiepink Thu 21-Mar-19 14:14:59

@starkid thank you for starting the new thread 😊😊

@Maizie83 defo looks like a positive to me! Better to confirm it with a frer though I think?
How many months you been ttc? Fingers crossed for you, but I don't think you need it 😊 good luck!

Lottiepink Thu 21-Mar-19 14:16:36

Question for everyone how many opk's do yous usually do a day? I just do one usually until I get the positive, think I'll do more this cycle, so I can see how long the surge lasts and to pin point it a little more clearly..

Also another question... we usually dtd on a night as we don't have time on a morning, think I will try and mix it up a bit this cycle though to see if it helps... was thinking if my window of ov is small and only dtd on a night, would there be a chance of me missing it you think?? We do normally dtd each night around the time of ov though..

Just thinking of different ways to try and catch it ha!

starkid Thu 21-Mar-19 14:19:28

@Lottiepink - I do OPKs once a day either around 2-4pm at work if I get the chance or 6pm when I get home, until they start getting darker then I do 2 in the afternoon/evening smile

BabyO1988 Thu 21-Mar-19 14:28:41

@Lottiepink I've been doing them 2-3 times a day as I didn't want to miss my surge. Mine got darker the closer I got but was the darkest last night and then again this morning. I'm going to check mine again later to see how long the LG surge lasts. They're only cheap so think they're worth using more than once a day.

We've only dtd at night because we're so busy the rest of the time. If the little swimmers live in us for up to 5 days I don't think waiting for each evening would matter? But I'm not scientific expert 😂

Hannah192 Thu 21-Mar-19 14:48:05

@starkid thank you for the new thread!

@BabyO1988 I’m not sure we will stay sane but we can certainly try 😂😂 it’s so nice to have some company! Well I did have cramps this morning, but I think it’s way too early to be related 🙄 how long are your cycles usually? I’m usually 28 days, but last cycle was 31, so going off that AF should be due on the 31st

Hannah192 Thu 21-Mar-19 14:53:06

@Lottiepink I only did 1 opk a day until the line started getting darker and then I went onto doing 2 a day. I was doing them after work around 5.30pm but luckily I was home at the weekend when the line got darker so I did one in the early afternoon and then another in the evening.
We dtd only at night time as we are always in a rush or busy in the day. They say the egg can last 12-24hrs I think once it has been released, so if you’ve dtd the day before in the evening I would have thought you’d be ok? It might help I guess as it leaves less hours between dtd 😊

Lottiepink Thu 21-Mar-19 15:10:37

Thanks @Hannah192 @baby and @starkid

I'll defo do more opk's this time. So hard not going to the loo tho 🤣
Think I'll get SMEP again this cycle and also mix it up and try and squeeze in a morning or 2 aswell, just to see 😂😂😂

thosethreewords Thu 21-Mar-19 15:35:16

@Lottiepink I only used OPKs for the first cycle but I will do them again this cycle. I did them at work around 11am daily until a positive on CD 11, then did one again at 4pm. I did 11am/ 4pm the next day too and by the time it got to 4pm, it was going faint again so I know my surge is around 36 hrs. I ovulated on CD 13.

With my rota next week I think I will only be able to have morning sex, as me and DH are on opposite shifts for the entire week and have 6 hrs overlap at home from 1am to 7am!! 😭

KatBeCool Thu 21-Mar-19 15:44:14

@FlapJackered @BabyO1988 both of you announcing your positive opks apparently kicked my body into high gear so now I got mine lol. I didn't expect it for another day or two, I'm CD12 though so it's fine. Don't think I've ever had test line darker than control, usually they're the same. BD is already scheduled for tonight lol.

orangeloo Thu 21-Mar-19 15:46:08

Thank you @starkid for taking on stats and creating a new thread! X here's to 15 being lucky and filled with baby dust for all!

starkid Thu 21-Mar-19 15:53:06

@KatBeCool - yayy more positive opks! Have a good TWW xx

Jessikka Thu 21-Mar-19 16:13:34

Thanks for bringing me along @starkid smile

I think I'm 1dpo today - temps will confirm in a few days 🤞

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