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Opk help.

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Shortandsweet96 Sun 17-Mar-19 09:54:45

I started doing an OPK a day, the day before my fertile period, took another today which is the day after my fertile period. None of them are positive. Have I not ovulated? I'm so confused! First time using them so not sure what to make of it.

kittycat01 Sun 17-Mar-19 09:56:41

@Shortandsweet96 you may ovulate later than you thought! I would highly recommend temping, although it does take a couple of cycles to get to know you. You take you temperature each morning and enter it into an app and it shows you when you have ovulated so you know if you are actually ovulating! Good luck

Shortandsweet96 Sun 17-Mar-19 10:04:09

@kittycat01 I did have a look into tempting but I'm not a very organised person, I think I would struggle to temp every morning! I will definitely give it a go if the OPKS dpnt come around though!

kittycat01 Sun 17-Mar-19 10:19:14

@Shortandsweet96 maybe try some cheaper ovulation sticks? I use the OneStep green ones on Amazon and then when I get a positive I confirm it with the ClearBlue digital ones!

LouH1981 Sun 17-Mar-19 10:46:17

Maybe it’s possible that you’ve just missed your surge by hours.
I was testing every morning and getting the same but then I changed to 2/4 pm and I’ve been able to see the surge.
It’s only detectable for a short time so it’s possible for you test just before and get a negative, test again 24hrs later and get another negative but your surge happened in between.
I also recommend cheaper tests that way you can test several times. The one step ones from Amazon are really good. About £6 for 30 xx

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