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15DPO BBT spike?!

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weasleyswitch Tue 12-Mar-19 10:05:12

Anyone good at reading BBTs? I'm between 15-21DPO, and 3-6 days late depending on the app (FF 3 days late, 15DPO, the app I've been using for 3 years though, 4 days late, 21DPO!) and I've had a pretty big spike in BBT; above any temperature I've ever recorded.

I usually ovulate between day 18-20, and my LP is almost always 12 days. No idea what's going on. Had a BFN 10DPO and a verrry faint positive 13DPO. Is this possibly the start of a triphasic cycle? My temperature has always dropped before AF before. Halp! confused

LondonKez Tue 12-Mar-19 18:26:43

I agree with FF that you're 15dpo today. If you had a faint positive at 13dpo and your temp has significantly risen, I'd say you would get a clear answer on a test by now, and you chart looks very promising! Take a test to be sure! Good luck xx

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