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Positive OPK CD44?!

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OceanPearl Tue 12-Mar-19 06:58:12

I’ve just had a very positive OPK and I’m on cd 44! has anyone else ovulated this late???

I got a BFN on cd 33 but haven’t tested since x

ohmywhattodo Tue 12-Mar-19 07:10:05

2 suggestions

1. You’re pregnant but tested too early (do you have a long cycle?)

2. You’ve missed a period and are ovulating, which would be cd16 of a new cycle based on a 28day cycle.

OceanPearl Tue 12-Mar-19 07:19:37

Thank you ohmy!

I do have irregular cycles and was wondering if I’d skipped a cycle.

I don’t know if I take seeing another BFN if I do another test though. I think I’m kidding myself that I have symptoms. I’m very crampy and have been so tired I’ve been sleeping for 12 hours a night (normally 8) x

Gettingonabitnow Tue 12-Mar-19 08:53:07

Don’t want to get your hopes up, but, with my first child I was getting v positive OPKs before I got a BFP. Good luck x

OceanPearl Tue 12-Mar-19 20:57:05

Bfn tonight! I guess it’s just a positive OPK! x

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