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My temping is a mess

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WrexhamBuxom Wed 06-Mar-19 20:38:58

So, to say that I haven't been faithful to temping is an understatement. I have been very much on and off. Also, I have head two different bouts of illness in the past 2 months which have produced unusual, erratic temperatures, so it felt like I might as well throw the whole thing out.

Add to that, my sleeping isn't very conducive, as I wake frequently through the night. Usually I go right back to sleep, sometimes I watch TV or putter around on the computer for a bit. My wake schedule is sort of all over the place based on how much sleep I've gotten. I know you are supposed to take the temp immediately after waking up, but also around the same time each morning; well it's one or the other for me. Finally, my room temperature sometimes runs hot, sometimes runs normal. It can vary.

So, I thought I would look at the temp pattern that I DO have, in regards to ovulation. Imagine my surprise when it seems like I get a temperature spike one day BEFORE I get a positive OPK kit, and then the day of the positive OPK kit, it drops back down. Well, newbie that I am, I assumed that meant I had ovulated and stopped temping. Temperature spike+LH Surge....easy peasy, done right?

Oops. Well now I realize that the temperature spike should be at least 3 days in a row, and the only registered spikes I have are one day, not three. So, now I don't know when I ovulate in comparison to my OPK; heck, I don't even know IF I'm ovulating. I just assumed I was.

I feel like I'm having to start all over.

92AP Thu 07-Mar-19 09:32:09

Hey, im having similar issues. Im on day 3 of positive opks (yesterday being the strongest) and had pain and cm yesterday but my temprature dipped on day 1 of pos opk then went up a tiny bit above normal yest then back to normal again today. Im assuming I ovulated yesterday but temps would say different.

WrexhamBuxom Fri 15-Mar-19 23:10:31

Oh shoot @92AP

That's kind of my worry, too...that after all this, temping will be inconclusive.

92AP Sat 16-Mar-19 07:11:58

Have you had any more luck? Mine went up eventually, 3 days after the last positive LH test.

Chickenvindasaag Sat 16-Mar-19 07:15:24

Vaginal temping is more accurate. Oral temping - make sure it's pressed under your tongue straight against the mucosa and push firmly, it should be a bit uncomfortable.
Not an expert but I've found it works

Chickenvindasaag Sat 16-Mar-19 07:16:44

And a positive OPK means you'll ovulate up to 48 hours later. The temp rise will be after- therefore a temp rise on day 3 would fit with a 48 hour ovulation.

WrexhamBuxom Sun 17-Mar-19 00:37:11

@92AP No luck either way, good or bad. Just waiting it out at this point. I will know more later this week. I got a very light line on my first OPK this cycle, so I am hoping for a slow moving LH surge this time.

@Chickenvindasaag Yeah, I have read any number of time frames...12-24-36-48 hours. Sometimes, the same day. I've also read of rare instances where it has been 72 hours after. 48-72 hours would be an ideal situation for me. I am definitely hoping it's not on the shorter side of things. When you are cutting it as close as I am, every hour counts.

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