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successful vasectomy reversal after 18 years

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ng591 Wed 06-Mar-19 12:52:12

My husband had his vasectomy back in 1999 whilst with his ex, many years later they split and we got together, children was something that we both wanted and in 2017 he went in and got the reversal done, we didn't hold out much hope but it was a starting point. We were told the chances of the op working were low but it was still something we wanted to try,
The op went really well and he recovered quickly.
3 months later he had his first SA , it came back with a result of 11 million, even though this is the higher end of what they class as a low count we took this as a positive. In the meantime we got engaged and had a wedding to plan so we decided to put off trying until this year. We did go for another SA in Feb 19 and we were extremely shocked by the results, 25 million! 2 weeks later we conceived. Never in a million years did we think we would be so lucky.
Prior to his reversal i did a lot of searching online and there isn't really that many positive stories out there so i just wanted to share this for those looking for reassurance and a real account of a couple who have had a reversal after almost 2 decades, it is possible smile

Rainbowbabyc Wed 06-Mar-19 12:55:19

That's such a lovely story!! Really happy for you both! Congratulations! Xx

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