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SophiaEstepanian Sun 24-Feb-19 21:50:00

My period hasn't turned up 2 months straight and I haven't got a test at home currently so yes.... I did a 'bleach pregnancy test'. From what I've seen my results are positive... thus being- is fizzes or froths up and makes a slight sizzling noise! This is mine, do you think it's positive?
It was also VERY hot

Tia ❤️

physicskate Sun 24-Feb-19 21:52:45

This is not a reliable test. At all. You might be pregnant, but you need to buy a pregnancy test.

CoachBombay Sun 24-Feb-19 22:00:36

Please don't do this again you are risking manufacturing and inhaling chloramine gas. It's not a great idea!

You will have to purchase a HPT, it is not a reliable tests and could be potentially harmful.

Bigonesmallone3 Sun 24-Feb-19 22:08:25

Please go and buy a test..

LineEyesForever Mon 25-Feb-19 00:08:30

Omg a bleach test! Please be careful. Tests are only £1 in Asda/Poundland/etc

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