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Implantation or period? Will UPDATE regardless outcome!

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Roxyroller Sat 23-Feb-19 01:11:49

Hi all, I have been reading these forums for the last 10 months while trying to conceive our second... but this is the first time ever posting! (I will say this though, I will MOST definitely come to update which ever way this goes!! Bothers me to no end reading through while we are symptom spotting to not know the outcome after the pages and pages of forums lol) sorry for that rant!!! Lol.
Anyhoo I am finally writing because I am so confused as to what’s happening... I usually have a 26-27 day cycle. I normally ovulate on CD13. But this month I did OPk the night (7pm) CD 11 was too lined equal. Next day (12) late morning OPK was as usual darker than indicator line... so we BD like bunnies. lol . After 10 cycles of this and the heart ache that comes with each af I had more of a “what it is, it is” attitude, more relaxed about it... trying anyway... also propped up on pillow lol...
I’ll go on if I still have you reading haha. Let’s jump to 8dpo night, I had a slight pulling Or tugging sensation in my lower admonen. 9dpo -I woke fine.. went to washroom after morning tea and wiped tmi- brown muscus-y-ness... went for my granny panties and panty liner and told hubby we’re out sad. He said “it’s early!!?” Yep 4-5 days early ... went on about my day... to go to washroom later and find it’s no flo at all... it was nothing... there was more brown but I would call it discharge as it has the consistency of creamy cm... was aprox 5 spots since 9dpo to tonight which is 11dpo. I have no cramps no sore boobs no nothing else other than the brown, and lower back ache off and on... I feel like it could’ve been implantation but I never had that with my other pregnancy... would the super moon have anything to do with me spotting that soon before period? I tested with an amazon accumed test this am. BFN. I’m so confused. all I can find online is spotting could happen before either result but whenever I’ve had spotting in the past before my period was at the beginning of the flow it wouldn’t stop for 24 hours just for another dab until the next 6 hrs etc.... anyone experience this to end up bleeding or BFP? Big thanks for anyone who got through all this!! Lol 💕

Roxyroller Sat 23-Feb-19 12:30:38

To update as promised- It was... surprise surprise that *** witch again!!
Good luck to anyone who reads this!


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