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IVF: January buddies? Anyone else?

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Nemo1189 Wed 02-Jan-19 00:37:59

Hey! I’m new to Mumsnet. I hope I’ve posted this in the right place, hmm. Me and my wife (same-sex couple) are currently going through our 1st IVF, just wondering if their is anyone else going through it currently that can share their stories, it would help to hear from others who can relate as we have only told our parents so it would be nice to be able to talk to others.

We have waited over a year to get to this stage, my wife has PCOS and anovulation, so IVF is the only way forward we are told. We are on a short protocol and are currently on day 9 of the stims injections. Back to the clinic in the morning for more scans, last scan was Monday 31st - 20 eggs on the left ovary and 16 on the right all roughly 14mm-16mm so on schedule the FN said. They need to be 18mm to trigger we are told?

They have reduced her menopur to 2 vials an evening as they don’t want to over stimulate as she’s already at risk of OHSS. Amh levels high also at 103.5, she’s bloated and sore and sick of injections now and it would just be nice to have people that understand share their stories. Egg collection is due for Monday the 7th so not long to go now!

physicskate Wed 02-Jan-19 07:57:03

Wow that's a lot of follies! And all big! I had a similar number, but triggered when four were over the 18 mm mark. I did get 18 eggs, 13 fertilised and 4 made it to day 5. I did get mild ohss for which I was prescribed fragmin injections (which I ended up taking for 10 weeks daily).

Good luck - it's a tough emotional rollercoaster.

Nemo1189 Wed 02-Jan-19 12:26:30

Hello! Thanks for the reply. What was your result if you don’t mind me asking, bfn or bfp? You had great numbers too. We’ve been for another scan this morning, now up to 30 follies on the left and 29 on the right, my wife looks 6 months pregnant from the bloating. Lead follicles are 17mm so hoping to be ready for Friday and then go ahead with egg collection Monday morning. The nurse was shocked to see so many follicles, I hope everything will be ok. Thank you, yes it is a very tough roller coaster to be on but if we get a baby at the end of it all then it’ll be worth it.

physicskate Wed 02-Jan-19 18:52:11

I'd probably suggest a freeze all if she's got 60 (!!!!!!!) follicles. Have they mentioned that? Less likely to develop ohss.

Currently 31 weeks from my cycle.

Nemo1189 Thu 03-Jan-19 21:05:20

We go back for a scan in the morning, they phoned today to reduce her menopur further to 1.5 vials. Tomorrow should be the last scan, with the trigger shot Saturday and egg collection Monday. They may suggest freezing all and then doing a FET cycle. We will find out tomorrow, if it avoids the risk of risk of OHSS, we are happy to do that. Many congratulations on your little one! grin

Shm93 Thu 21-Feb-19 20:53:17

Hello I’ve never posted here but I’m 25 and really new to all this. Me and my partner have been TTC for 3 years. We had all the tests and it was confirmed that it was a male fertility factor. I’ve had all my tests results back and was told everything is fine. We had an appointment with a councillor and the next thing I was told was to book my next appointment. The receptionist told me to call on day 1 of my period so I could come in two weeks later as I was going to be having the short protocol. I’ve googled and researched and this seems to be for older women or women with PCOS or poor responders. I haven’t been given anymore information and can’t discuss anything further until my next appointment. I’ve got really bad anxiety now as I’ve gone through this whole process believing I was ok and there was no problem? Even though I’d rather the short protocol I don’t understand the reasons and this hasnt been communicated with me, any suggestions

physicskate Thu 21-Feb-19 21:28:16

I had short protocol. I was 34 (now 35). They thought I was going to be a good responder, so chose short protocol. I was!!

Odd that you phone cd1 and come in cd 14. I started stims cd2 and had monitoring from about cd8? Collection was cd14. Transfer cd19.

physicskate Thu 21-Feb-19 21:30:22

Oh and many clinics only do short protocol!! It's a bit of a guessing game. If short protocol doesn't work, they might suggest long for a subsequent cycle. It's a guessing game as much as it is science...

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