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Help Needed

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pinkys Fri 22-Jun-07 11:53:56

HEY, i may sound thick here, but havnt had a period for nearly 3/4 years due to being on the mini pill, i came off last saturday and have occasional spotting since wednesday, today its slightly more, so i take it my periods here, and was very surprised as iv been told it could take months before it arrives, so incase u didnt read my last message me and my partner do want do try for a baby, so im trying sort my cycle out, would i count day 1, from wednesday or today? and when is the best time to try? isit round 14 days from when u start your period so wed or sat? lol?
sorry if i sound thick here, but since not havin a period for many years i have forgotton everything lol!!!!!!!!

thanks for reading

scorpio1 Fri 22-Jun-07 11:56:53

cd1 is the first day you need sanitary protection before 4pm. CD14 is the textbook best time,


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