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Line eyes help...

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loopdeelou Thu 26-Apr-18 07:54:46

I think I am 10dpo but possibly only 9dpo. I couldn't resist the urge to test this morning. I know I should be patient and wait a few more days but this is what I have got. Can anyone see anything?

AlistairAppletonsSexyScarf Thu 26-Apr-18 07:56:33

I see a line. Two of my children began as a line like that!

KTD27 Thu 26-Apr-18 07:58:07

Yes! I see a shadow for sure. Fingers crossed

BoBo90 Thu 26-Apr-18 08:03:16

I see a line too! Just be a little cautious though as I've had many a evap/shadow line on a frer. Test again tomorrow and it should be darker 😊 I'm sure it will be a bfp 😁 x

loopdeelou Thu 26-Apr-18 08:18:21

I'm surprised people have said they can see it. DH says he can't see it. I think he thinks I'm going mad confused

MonaTheMoaner Thu 26-Apr-18 08:19:45

I'm now 21 weeks with a beautiful baby girl and she started with a FRER line just like that on Christmas Eve! I see it!

Shmithecat Thu 26-Apr-18 08:27:55

No, sorry, I can't. But it's very early. I've always left testing til the day I was due but I know I'm a rare creature on the mn boards for that 😊. Leave it a few days and try again flowers

Shmithecat Thu 26-Apr-18 08:29:11

I've just looked again and I actually think I do see a v v feint line.. 🤔

loopdeelou Thu 26-Apr-18 08:33:22

@Shmithecat you have more patience than me! I wish I could bare the agony of waiting!

AGreatBigPonk Thu 26-Apr-18 08:41:02

I think I can see a line!

Shmithecat Thu 26-Apr-18 08:51:20

@loopdeelou I think it was because I didn't want the disappointment of a negative... so it testing meant that couldn't happen iyswim? Although I was actually 6 days late when I finally got my bfp shock

Shmithecat Thu 26-Apr-18 08:51:51

So not testing...

loopdeelou Thu 26-Apr-18 09:05:16

Yes absolutely. I felt that pain the other month from seeing negative after negative. This month feels different though and I do 'feel' pregnant. My boobs are absolutely killing me. But I'm not trying to get my hopes up (trying but not succeeding) as I know this might not come to anything.

NanooCov Thu 26-Apr-18 09:09:08

No sorry. Wait a few more days. I know the wait is hard, but you'll torture yourself otherwise.

NoNoCharlieRascal Thu 26-Apr-18 09:14:50

I can see a v v v faint line. Like the others said try again tomorrow/in a couple of days. Good luck!

Also husbands have no eyes for lines, they are useless and don't understand the squint.

loopdeelou Thu 26-Apr-18 09:21:37

@NoNoCharlieRascal they don't! I tried to explain what "line eyes" was to him and he looked at me like I was a looney. I was holding it up in the air at a funny angle but still!...

Maedoula Thu 26-Apr-18 09:27:02

@loopdeelou There's definitely a faint line there, whether it's evap or not is the question...9dpo is still very early so just retest in a couple of days x

loopdeelou Thu 26-Apr-18 09:29:11

Thanks all. I appreciate you taking the time to look. It came up within the 3 minutes so I'm not convinced it's an evap but I will certainly bare it in mind just in case. I'll test and the weekend and keep my fingers firmly crossed for that one!

LiteraryDevil Thu 26-Apr-18 10:16:57

I can't see anything but it's too early. My blood test at 10 dpo was negative but dc1 is now 11. Far too early for a urine test to show anything so test again once your period is due. Hope you get your bfp!

loopdeelou Fri 27-Apr-18 07:51:15

I was far too impatient to wait until the weekend, so I retested this morning and got this!!!

Maedoula Fri 27-Apr-18 07:57:44

@loopdeelou Yay! Congrats smilesmilesmile

LiteraryDevil Fri 27-Apr-18 08:01:13

Congratulations! You must have ovulated earlier than you thought!

loopdeelou Fri 27-Apr-18 08:13:20

Thank you! I was doing OPKs twice a day and never got a positive even though I got clear positives the previous two months. They were getting darker on cd15 and then I sort of just gave up on them. So not entirely sure when I ovulated but I think this must be DPO11 at the most. Can't believe it. 😬

NanooCov Fri 27-Apr-18 08:18:19

Well there's no disputing that one! Congrats!

8DaysAWeek Fri 27-Apr-18 08:18:23

Congratulations!!! I've just taken this, hope it looks like yours tomorrow grin

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